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Topped the charts: the singles that stood out last week

Masicka strikes once again, Kartel fires with his lyrical prowess, Jada Kingdom is getting better and reggae plays a vital role also in our review. Who else caught our ear this week?

Byron Messia, Govana, Masicka, Jada Kingdom and Jahvillani among our standout singles

Here we go again. We just kicking off our new week by routinely sending out the singles and visuals that stood out last week. Masicka topped the trending chart, Kartel delivers once again, Byron Messia and Jada Kingdom are also getting better.

Masicka – "Tyrant" Masicka delivers once again. The dancehall superstar keeps getting better with another instant hit that is already topping the YouTube trending chart in Jamaica. The video pays tribute to the late legendary dancer, Bogle aka Mr. Wacky and features legendary dancer/choreographer, Colo Colo sharing the infamous Bogle 'Wacky Dip' dance move which already garnered million views on the social platform.

Byron Messia – "90'z" Rising dancehall sensation, Byron Messia continues in his growth. The artiste knows that the only way to get to the top is to maintain consistency. In his new single, he teamed up with Romiech Ent giving us his typical flow and infectious vibes with a potential hit that wrapped with a video dripping with sexy girls. Don't ever lose focus.

Vybz Kartel – “Every Girl Replaceable Dancehall legend, Vybz Kartel has been known for his lyrical prowess throughout history. in this single, he came with refreshing melodies and a different flow Which reminds us that he is still one of the greatest in dancehall history. Kartel captures well the new ZJ Liquid's project "Pied Piper" riddim that he co-produced with the young producer Panda. This is definitely a potential dance floor hit.

Jada Kingdom – "Understanding" Twinkle's talent is undeniable. One of the most talented female artiste in the entire industry is hit again with her unique style that always sounds like she's just shooting a freestyle with ease. Jada Kingdom is definitely getting better and better.

Jahvillani – "Made In Jamaica" It seems like the northern coast king, Jahvillani has found a hit once again. The Ocho Rios native finds himself in the Youtube trending with brilliant rhymes, accurate and authentic visuals, and a song that reflects his upbringing on the lovely island. Wileside strikes again, just like what he did with his single, "Money, Power, Respect".

Govana – "Red Sky" The connection between dancehall star, Govana and producer Emudio, strikes once again. Both who have already joined forces for some hits in the past, delivered another potential hit song. Govi spits menacing lyrics which remind us of his days under the name Deablo. The visual that is shown in a red shade is appropriate for the single title.

Jafrass – "Tycoon" Sometimes it's better to stay in your own zone, claimed the dancehall artiste Jafrass in his new single titled, Tycoon, which was produced by the dynamic duo Attomatic and Dan Sky. The 1 Word boss is reorienting his career and this is the kind of beats that will assure him regaining a place in the Youtube trending chart.

Bugle Ft. Spargga Benz – "We Know Who They Are" Reggae is playing an essential role in Jamaican music history and it's always nice to see artists who can combine between genres. Bugle is one of them and when he joins forces with the legendary Deejay, Spragga Benz, it should be a nice piece of song which is just part of a project that will take over the radio airwaves. And a word about the production side? when it comes to the founder of Notis Productions, Unga Barunga he has already done a thing or two in his musical journey.

Squash Ft. Zizi – "10 Piece" 6ix Delivery. Squash's familiar melodies and flow joins forces with family member Zizi for a new track with a clear message - don't mess with us. The choice of the beat, which was also produced by Attomatic and Dan Sky, fits well with the voices of both artistes while the visuals also do their part with guns-toting play.

Intence – "Bounce" Dancehall artiste, Intence embraces the common style in the entire industry and brings a different flow into the bouncy beat. The Yeng Boss adjustments can definitely captivate his fans with a catchy dance song. He also pays tribute to the legendary Selecta, Sky Juice who has played a vital part in the music video. This single which was distributed by VP Records should be included on the artiste's upcoming debut album "Voyage".

Skippa – "We Don’t Play" Up-and-Coming dancehall artist, Skippa is coming with a new track, trying to lift his name in the game and maintain consistency. With his trappy flow and lyrical prowess, the young Jamaican talent shoots and delivers a warning to not play with him. He's here to stay.

Rhumba – "Deja Vu" The rising talent, Rhumba, feels like he has already lived this life. In his new single produced by, Countree Hype, The Saint-Ann delivers with Catchy Melody & Flow. "Deja Vu" explains temptations that people may go through based on hard life or peer pressure.


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