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Coming up Next: the talents who are making moves in 2023

1Skimask evolves from viral video, Skippa & Najeeriii are rising forces in the trap-dancehall world, Joegrime is surrounded by success, Nhance, a possible second-generation success story and Sossa debut performance in Barbados. Which have impressed you the most?

From Left To Right: Nhance, Sossa, Skippa, Skimask, Joe Grime, Najeerii

Jamaica is a prolific ground for young talents. The industry; estimated to have over 2,500 artistes, is constantly producing more artistes which all have the same aim: sustainability and consistency in delivering hit songs.

The circumstances of life, and the desire to make quick money in some way, also influences many ghetto youths to get into the game on a rapid basis. However, in this digital era, the practice of using social media platforms, helps artistes to gain momentum, increase their presence in the public eyes and increase their fan base. Here, we take a look at some of the young talents who have caught our eyes since the start of the year.

Who Is the most impressive one so far?

  • 1Skimask

  • Skippa

  • Najeeriii

  • Joegrime

1Skimask What started as a simple comedic viral video by social media personality Valdomore has apparently evolved into a promising career in music. With the release of a single under the name, 1Skimask, the artiste has grabbed the industry by the neck. The artiste & comedian whose given name is Rivaldo Lyle, tested his lyrical prowess, and have since been seen sharing the big stage with artistes such as 450 and fellow comedian-turned-artiste, Deno Crazy, at Aidonia's birthday party. His single, "Dawkniss" is currently at #4 on Youtube trending in Jamaica and already racked up 1.3 million views on the platforms. With the help of established producer, Jahvy Ambassador and his team, 1Skimask is just working on expanding his brand. His new single "Ski" featuring Deno Crazy is currently available on all digital platforms, along with the visuals on Youtube.

Skippa Upcoming artiste, Skippa, is another name that is gaining momentum in the rising popularity of the trap-dancehall style. The young Jamaican talent has been around for a few years now, but since 2022 he has been getting some additional attention with some of his releases. Since the start of 2023 he continued to develop with the help of rising producer Sulfa Ge. He delivers his melodies and verses in a way that characterizes all his latest releases - "Unfold", "Aruba", "Hell" and the latest addition, "Clues" where he reflects on the struggles of life.

Najeeriii Najeeriii whose given name is Najeeri Smart is a 'Trap Dancehall' Recording Artiste, of only 17-years-old that is already making noise in the industry. Even though he has been an admirer & fan of music from a very tender age, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic, he started writing for himself. The young talent has already gained some noticeability, especially with his single "Sintrap" which racked up over 1.7 million views on YouTube, followed by "Goblin" with the catchy beat produced by Sulfa Ge Records and currently he is promoting his new single, "GOON" produced by his managers Godfloww and YC Studios currently at the #10 place on Youtube Trending in Jamaica.

Joegrime The 25-year-old Joseph Raymond Rodney, more popularly known as Joegrime, is another name we have marked for you. He kicked off the popular slang "Believe" across the island, and it became his motto. The young artiste hails from Sandy Park in Kingston, and has been gaining momentum since the beginning of 2023 while working frequently with Rockit Muzik, music label, Dethwrld Records, his manager, Zachary Isaacs and the popular selector/producer, DJ Mac. His single "Rich Out" garnered some attention on the local scene and he is now fully focused on the promotion of his new single "Joe Wick". The former Campion College student is also working on a mixtape with DJ Mac.

Nhnace A second-generation success is possible here; The 22-year-old Nhance is no stranger to the music industry since his mother was one of the former Gaza Empire standouts, Gaza Sheba. The upcoming artiste is known for wrapping his promising melodies with smooth vocals. His single "No Love" which was released last year, has generated over 1 million views on Youtube to date which was followed by "Monster", produced by 1RK Trap, also on its way to the million mark. His resume also includes working with labels and producers such as Dynasty Global, 47ondabeat, and Active Music and singles such as "Mood", "Believe", "And Ms. Attitude". Between his evident talent and constant advice from former Gaza Empire members, is this the beginning of a Dancehall second-generation success story? Time will tell.

Sossa Another dancehall recording artiste who has recently been on the rise in the music industry is Sossa. The 19-year-old, born Rejean Lewis, hails from Portmore, Saint Catherine, went viral with his songs "Backseat" and "Trample Dem", both helping him to earn a prominent booking at the Barbados Reggae Festival, which was his first time in the Caribbean country. The young talent with the support of his manager 17TMI, is hoping to make his mark in the industry.

Sossa, another youth on the rise (Wallo Productions)


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