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The Northcoast Boyz will give away school bags at Boom Boom's popular weekly events

With the release of Busy Signal's ‘Kindergarten’ and the North Coast Boyz’ (NCB) new dance routine, they will make appearances at familiar weekly events with giveaways supported by Gold Up Productions

The Northcoast Boyz with the designed bags

The producer duo (Gold Up) teamed up with Jamaican dancehall icon Busy Signal and the dance group of NCB for a new single titled 'Kindergarten' which was released, Friday, Septembet 8.

'Kindergarten' is released right after the summer holidays and with the newly formed dance routine created by NCB; it’s just in time for the kids to take it both back to school.

The NCB Group have proceeded with the promotional side of the single backed by promises that they will take part in weekly events like 'Boom Sundayz' & 'Boasy Tuesdays', led by the popular Jamaican selector, Boom Boom to supply giveaways to the revelers and kids in need.

Backed by bags designed with the cover art of the single, the entire crew is expected to take part in the events, where they will replicate the choreography in an attempt to popularize the routine.

"This Sunday they will be doing some back-to-school giveaways at Boom Sundays 5 1/2 Grantspen Avenue and also this Tuesday at Boasty Tuesdays. So it’s a great look for the streets and a big move for the kids because there are a lot of kids out there that need help to go back to school", said the Billboard selector, Boom Boom.

Recently the dance crew also shared the stage at ‘Your Best Weekend’ which was held at their hometown, Ocho Rios.

The Northcoast Boyz in action at latest '‘Your Best Weekend’ (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

The Northcoast Boyz movement was formed post-Covid 19 when members from dance crews such as ‘Unique Rockkaz’, ‘Dustville’, ‘Optimistic’ and ‘Extreme Pushers’ started hanging out at the popular clothing store in Ocho Rios, ‘Fierce by Dre’. "Our goals and aspirations is to make Northcoast Boyz into a brand and also a Household name and make a mark in the music industry", they declared.


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