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The Voice of the Ghetto: Boom Boom dominant in the Streets of Kingston

One of Dancehall Music’s great ambassadors from the streets of Jamaica to the World; the Selector/MC/Music Producer/Party Promoter, "Boom Boom" discusses his impact on the genre

Boom Boom, from the streets of Jamaica to the World (Jamar Cleary)

Marlon Wizard, more popularly known as 'Boom Boom' & since recently, 'World Boom' as a result of his recent exploits on not only the local scene but now the global market hails from the community of Grants Pen in the Kingston 8 area of Jamaica.

Boom Boom is categorially known for highlighting & popularizing some of the biggest hit songs on the dancehall scene and his musical relationships with some of the biggest players in the game have propelled him as a result of it. Mavado, Ding Dong, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Shane O & most recently Jahshii, being some of the heavily endorsed artistes by Boom Boom.

"I love & prefer to play music with feelings, enjoyment or upliftment and not songs that infiltrate crime & violence and those along with many other artistes understand that. I told my little brother, Jahshii in particular, that his song ‘Born Fighter’ would be one of his biggest songs, which I campaigned myself and is evident in its success of over 25 million streams on youtube to date", he explains that.

Boom Boom at sting, conquering the world (GD films)

Most recently, Boom Boom and his now titled 'World Team' has channeled their success into music production scoring big with songs such as 'Trust People' by Intence, and especially with 'Foot' by Squash, to name a few. Gutty Bling who is currently the MC’s manager, made the suggestion to Boom Boom to venture into production as he realized the love & respect that the industry and its players had for him.

There is a current discord between current dancehall artistes and those from the '90s', which is regarded as the best era of the genre to date explained Boom Boom. Many artitses from the 90s have been very vocal in their criticism of the younger crop, but at the same time they are many artistes who have remained relevant in the ‘Trap’ era of Dancehall; Masicka, Govana, Skillibeng, Teejay, Squash, Rygin King, Jahmeil, Intence to name a few, however, it’s said that some of the more recent ones who came to prominence in the pandemic time have failed to stand the test of time, and should listen to the past players of the game that genuinely impart their knowledge.

"I have always tried to guide artistes, but some have not listened and they should by now realize that not everybody wants to see their downfall", Boom Boom highlights.

the lead face of many local major events in Jamaica (Jamar Cleary)

From the days alongside Movado to the expansion of the world team His greatest musical influence comes from Dancehall superstar; Mavado, who both have been musical accomplices from a very tender age until both transcended to stardom in their own ways.

The tandem of Boom Boom & Harry Hype is one of the deadliest; and over the years could be seen touring the world with Mavado while consistently dominating the local scene on a weekly basis since 2010 at his prominent events 'Uptown Mondays', 'Boasty Tuesdays' and 'Boom Sundays'.

Local success led to global success and the team can now be seen leaving the island almost every weekend for overseas stints in the Caribbean, USA, Canada and the UK.

Local & Global Success (Jamar Cleary)

To combat their busy schedule Boom Boom alludes to that: "We try to rest on a Wednesday and Thursday if we are traveling on the weekends but if we don’t have an overseas gig, then we can be seen at 'Weddy Weddy Wednesdays' or one of the many local major events in Jamaica".

They recently welcomed 'ZJ Milo' to the World Team during the pandemic after he and Harry Hype came from tour & the team has become even more diverse as Milo offers a different type of juggling in comparison to Harry Hype. Milo has since created a big impact and can now be seen representing the team when its main players are off the island.

The World Team is a product of the streets & from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, and for that reason, Boom Boom will forever be grateful and loyal.

Boom Boom with dancehall artiste, RajahWild. knows how to give a boost to young artistes (Jamar Cleary)

The weekly events such as the ones named above along with 'Bounty Sundays', 'Leggo Di Streets', 'Feel Good Early Thursdays', and 'Whappinz Thursdays', signifies the importance of the street culture that often sets the standards.

"The dancehall culture was birthed from the streets and some of the major weekly street dancehall events have greatly impacted the culture with a high number of tourists flocking to the popular series", he clarifies.


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