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Gold Up & Northcoast Boyz team up with Busy Signal for single: "Sponsors needed for kids with needs"

Production duo set to release the single 'Kindergarten': "We put our heart into this song, It will be helpful to find sponsors to support this project"

Busy Signal, working with Gold Up once again (Jamar Cleary)

The producer duo Gold Up once again joined forces with the veteran dancehall star, Busy Signal and the dancers crew of Northcoast Boyz, for a new single called "Kindergarten", which is set to release on September 8, right after the summer holidays end on time for the kids to take it back to school.

"Kindergarten" isn’t only about upliftment through music but also about representing every aspect of the culture by promoting positive actions to in turn attain positive outcomes. This song will surely gain instant virality thanks to Gold Up’s original productions and Busy Signal’s signature vocals and flow.

"As you may have noticed, Dancehall has been getting darker with more sadistic lyrics and less energetic rhythms. There aren’t very many new songs that serve a wider market (specifically where kids are concerned) that the whole family can enjoy together", said the French-Canadian-born Jamaican-based production duo.

The dancers of Northcoast Boyz (Jamar Cleary)

"Our intention is to give aid to kids in underserved communities who are in need, providing school bags and books. In addition, we will tour the schools to further interact with the kids and show them the dance routine", they further added.

Divulging the challenges that accompanied the production side that arise when they are seeking to find sponsorship for the project, Gold Up expressed. "We had to invest everything from our pocket", they expressed with sincerity. "We put our heart into this song and concept and would have been really helpful to find sponsors to be able to provide more for the kids in needs", they echoed.

Production duo, Gold Up (Photo by: Rickayla Mcneil)


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