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Sasha Bling celebrates 10 years in the music business

The established video director talks about working with I-Octane, Spice ("success of two independent women"), advises young video directors and aims at politics

Sasha Bling, A busy and powerful woman

In the field of Video Production, as viewers we often bear witness to the final result of a well put together music video. However, it is rarely discussed the time, consistency and effort it takes to bring a well structured concept to life. Deemed a male-dominated niche, women have also proved themselves successful contenders in breaking barriers set by the standards of society. Highlighting her experience in the industry, her relationship with artistes such as I-Octane and queen of dancehall Spice while hinting at a political future; when she celebrates a decade of hard work in the music business, we caught up with Sasha-Gay Roache popularly known as “Sasha Bling” for an exclusive interview with Kaboom Magazine.

Describing how she turned "being shy" into greatness, Bling expressed her initial disdain with being on camera despite the cameras being her passion. "I always knew I enjoyed working with the camera but I never wanted to be in front of i", Sasha fervently explained.

Diving deeper into how she ended up on camera and her experience, the video director shared how her time on camera propelled her into the field of video production. "I started as a TV host working at FIWI CHOICE. It wasn't for long before I was noticed by I-Octane who gave me my first shot at the peak of his career", the director humbly added.

Getting candid about her experience, the seasoned director shared briefly her time shooting his music video 'Happy Times'. "Working with I-Octane really gave me my big break, it opened the door for me to work with even more legends in the music industry", the BlingBlang Works founder expressed with gratitude. Adding to her accolades, the song went on to win "Favorite Local Music Video" at the 2014 Youth View Awards (YVA’s).

Taking full advantage of her opportunities, the talented content creator transitioned into the world of production being the founder of her self-made company 'BlingBlang Works". Shooting over 50+ music videos that have dominated Jamaica's music industry, Sasha has worked with popular legends such as Alkaline ('On Fleek'), World Boss Vybz Kartel ('Any Weather'), and most recently dancehall queen Spice in her newest singles, 'God Bless Me' (1.8 million views) & 'Jealous' which has gained over 320,000 views on Youtube.

Highlighting her relationship with dancehall veteran Spice, the dominating entrepreneur described the opportunity as being blessed. "I feel blessed to have a catalog of working with dancehall legends. I knew her since I was 17 years old but what makes our relationship awesome is the transition of two independent girls becoming successful women", Sasha reflected. "She embodies her title through her impeccable work ethic and is treated worldwide as such”, Bling continued as she praised Spice.

Divulging her formula to the creation of her successful music videos, BlingBlang shared deeper insight on the time and effort it takes to produce quality content. "I am not one to shoot every single thing. I am really passionate and I have to love a song whether demo or sneak peek", she shared fervidly. "I don't work for money, once it connects with me and I am confident I can give my all that is my first priority", she assertively added.

Appreciating the benefits of her growing relationships with dancehall’s legendary artistes, Sasha reflected on how the trust given to her by each artiste allowed her to improve her career. "When I work on projects the artiste puts so much trust in me and for me it inspires a lot of good", the FIWI Choice protege expressed. "The key is to maintain a professional behavior. Pairing that with passion makes every opportunity a stepping stone in furthering my career", Bling added.

Charging the young video directors in the music industry, Roache implored her audience to be professional in all they do. “As long as you believe in yourself and be professional, you will be taken seriously in the industry”, the successful video director shared with encouragement. "Art imitates life and life imitates art. What’s the point of being a creative if you aren't doing creative things?", she passionately explained.

Sasha Bling, "a busy bee"

Describing herself a "busy bee" who never stops working, BlingBlang productions has release alongside GoodGood Production Stylo G’s 'Pull Up', Keeping the pipeline hot and steamy the team also released the 'Bridge Riddim' featuring artistes such as Kash, Armani and Rytikal. Fans can also look out for the newest season of 'Cooking with Love: Jamaica Celebrity Chef' in September.

With a goal to create the most outstanding portfolio, Sasha Bling aims to matriculate into politics as one of the most all rounded directors in the music industry. "Everything I do now is a stepping stone to my political career. Holding the portfolio for youth entertainment is my ultimate dream for my future", she concluded.

"As long as you believe in yourself and be professional, you will be taken seriously in the industry"


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