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I-Octane is set to release his 6th studio album 'Dancehall Gift'

The established singjay/deejay is about to release his 10-track album on Friday, July 7: "We live in an era right now that people consume music fast"

I-Octane, speed up the process (Anton Anderson, Bling Blang Work)

Dancehall artiste I-Octane is on the verge of releasing his sixth studio album titled 'Dancehall Gift'. Octane's new project is a 10-track album, with no collaborations included on the track list. However, some of the most established producers have inflicted their magic touch on the body of work; Troyton Music, Seanizzle, and ZJ Liquid of H20 Records, who is no stranger to collaborating with the 39-Year-Old singjay on his own label ‘Conquer The Globe Productions’.

The single 'Speed Up The Process', produced by Seanizzle, is one of the many noteworthy singles that will appear on the album, with the artiste currently promoting the single, ‘Keep It Coming’ from the Pied Piper riddim by ZJ Liquid, also included among the list of songs on the project which is managed by 'Beautiful People Management’.

Labels such as Real Money Entertainment (the executive producer of the album), Dj Kit and Stashment Records contributed their mastery to the entire creative process with JJ Wizzle (YardStyle Ent.) sharing the mixing & mastering duties with Simpac Music.

"I was gonna release it as an EP, but my team seh; these songs are great, do an album. So I just did it. Look out for more in terms of promotions with the album", the singjay shared with Kaboom Mag.

This album is set to drop a year after the release of his previous album, 'I Am Great', with the Clarendon native eager to release this project. "I love music, and I do music daily, so I can voice 15-13 songs a day, 9 inna bad day, so I can actually do two album inna day. We live in an era right now that people consume music fast. We are still revisiting the previous album, we think there is room for some acoustic versions", he revealed.

"It depends, as long as the fans dem consume the album, and I think it reach the full potential, I might do an album annually or everyone and half year, the aim is to give the consumers as much music as possible", he said, when asked about continuing to produce annual bodies of work.

"I do music daily, so I can voice 15-13 songs a day, I can actually do two album inna day" (Anton Anderson, Bling Blang Work)

I-Octane (born Byiome Muir), released his debut album 'Crying To The Nation' in 2012, followed by 'My Journey' in 2014, then waited 4 years to release his third album, the first from his ‘Conquer The Globe Productions’ label - 'Love and Life'. He then gave us 'Moods' in 2021 and 'I Am Great' in 2022, as stated above. The ‘Dancehall Gift’ album will be distributed worldwide by ONErpm and available on all digital platforms this Friday, July 7th.


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