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Spice is about to release the catchy single 'Waka'

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Dancehall female icon aims for the dance floors with her new release. One of the producers of the song, YowLevite: "she’s not afraid of a challenge"

Spice, "The dynamic with her is really different"

Dancehall superstar Spice is set to release her new single titled, 'Waka', scheduled for Friday, July 21. The song was recorded primarily at Ireland Studio by Redboom Supa Mix, and the infectious beat was created by the rising producer YowLevite.

With the captivating beat, Spice spits lyrics describing all that she has heard from Podcasts, Blogs, YouTube channels, media outlets and others.

"She heard a vocal sample in the Riddim saying 'Chat' and immediately got the idea to use that as part of the hook", described YowLevite. "The dynamic with her is really different, she’s not afraid of a challenge", he further added.

The word WAKA is actually a Nigerian slang that she learnt from Nigerian Superstar, Yemi Alade.

The song has not been officially released, but it is already creating waves on the dance floors as the dancehall artist and her dancers performed a new dance at the BRT WEEKEND on July 8 in Atlantic City, New Jersey and also got played on some local events, where the dancers learned the dance steps.

The queen of dancehall, as she popularly referred to, was recently spotted at Queen of Hip Hop, Missy Elliott's belated birthday celebrations as both danced to her iconic song, 'So Mi Like It'.

Spice, who will soon celebrate her 41st birthday, has promised an album by the end of the year and aims to push the boundaries of her accomplishments even further.

The female star icon works vigorously and in recent months has released several singles such as 'God Bless Me' which has amassed 1.8 million views on Youtube to date, followed by 'Spice Marley', 'Queen Of The Dancehall' and her latest release 'Jealous'. some of those singles are expected to be part of the deluxe version of her latest album, 'Emancipation'.

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