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New Year, Same Success: Rebel Salute bringing positive energy again

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Mutabaruka brings Jashii on stage for the 2023 edition and the Rebel children pleased the crowd with spectacular performances. Review of one of the most known music festivals in the country

From left to right: Beenie Man, Jahshii, Bounty Killer (Jamar Cleary)

If you are a lover of Jamaica music festivals then you are no stranger to one of the biggest music festivals held annually by the beloved country, none other than Rebel Salute. Founded by Jamaica’s very own Reggae singer Tony Rebel, the festival continues to be a staple in Jamaica as the success of the event continues to represent the musical roots of the country.

The 2023 staging of Rebel Salute was no different as the success of both nights struck the media waves. Held at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St.Ann, patrons were eager and ready as they struggled to hide their excitement for the upcoming events of their weekend.

Night one was ultimately declared successful by patrons as they enjoyed Friday night’s series of events. With an amazing lineup on day one, it was without a doubt that loyal fans and dedicated music lovers would not be appeased. There were many favorable and memorable moments from artists such as Bounty Killer, Lady G, Yaksta, Mutabaraka who provided Jahshii with encouraging words and brought him on stage, Papa Michigan who brought out his son for a debut, and also Kabaka Pyramid, Rytikal, and the mastermind of the entire event Tony Rebel.

The mastermind, Mr. Tony Rebel (Jamar Cleary)

Night two unfolded on Saturday night with patrons being just as impressed as they were with night one. The lineup was extraordinary as fans continued to come out and support. There were memorable performances from artists such as The king, Beenie Man, I-Octane, Teejay, Capleton, Imeru Tafari (Queen Ifrica Son), and an iconic set by Sanchez.

The stage show did not miss an African act either when the Ghanaian singer, Stone Bwoy, gave his performance on the prestigious stage.

Memorable moments came from early performances on night two with one being most remembered from the Rebel children.

From left to right: Queen Ifrica, Imeru Tafari And Abatau on stage (Jamar Cleary)

Davianah, one of the three children of festival founder Tony Rebel, made her first return to the rebel salute since last being at the event three years ago. Tanzie and Queen Ifrica were also in attendance as Tanzie made her first debut performance. Abatau, the son of Tony Rebel also made his return showing his progress through his conscious music.

Since the ending of Rebel Salute 2023, fans and patrons are yet to cease chatter about the entertaining weekend. Deeming it overall a successful event, patrons were satisfied as fans came out all across Jamaica uniting together through music, encouraging words, and positive energy.

Jahshii, received encouraged by Mutabaraka (Jamar Cleary)

Sanchez, The Jamaican singing bird (Jamar Cleary)


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