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Yaksta Takes on His Career with Authenticity

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

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If you have been tuning in to the Jamaican music industry for the past few years then it would be impossible to overlook breakout artiste Yaksta who used his dancehall and reggae blended sound and empowering lyrics to captivate the hearts and ears of Jamaicans and fans beyond the Caribbean Sea.

His debut track ‘Ambition’ became a major hit worldwide earning him the recognition of not only national politicians but also American monthly magazine-Rolling Stone Magazine.

Yaksta, things have changed quickly for him.

Speaking with Kaboom Magazine, Yaksta who was born Kemaul M. Martin expressed that as he journeys through the music industry, he understands that stardom is always on the horizon, but after being in the music industry for seven years before fame he was surprised at how quickly things changed for him.

“I always anticipate the unexpected but not quite so quickly,” he said when asked about the success of the track Ambition.

Nevertheless, he continued the momentum with tracks such as Assets (Fowl Coop), That Time Again, and Free My People which of course conveyed positive messages of self-reliance and entrepreneurship, esp

especially amongst youth. “The aim is either to destroy or create but with destruction come creation and growth. My mission is to tell the truth with a twist of everything,” he explained about his choice of lyrics.

While speaking with Kaboom Magazine he explained how influential music can be and his desire to strike the balance in the industry with his songs. Though he believes the industry is competitive, he constantly chooses to be himself as he continues to establish himself.

“(I try to cement myself in the business) by not competing but staying relevant and creating a significant lane for myself that will identify my difference. (I) might not be the favorite but I'm favored,” he said.

Having gained this much success this 2020, Yaksta has started the creation of his debut studio album which he says should be released by the end of the year.

“The inspiration is life and the truth as albums should be a reflection of the reality you live. It's my truth. Expect the unexpected it should have been out already but there are a few hiccups,” said Yaksta.

With hopes of one day collaborating Burna Boy or J. Cole, Yaksta says his music will be around for a lifetime as he is constantly working on his evolution.


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