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Sanchez teams up with Richie Stephens for a new powerful song

Two of Jamaica's leading voices for decades

Singer Sanchez is a man on a mission for 2023. The widely respected reggae singer who was absent from the music scene due to the global pandemic has returned with a powerful new original song for his adoring fans that music insiders say may be his best work yet. The combination single titled 'Double For My Troubles' features the exquisite baritone vocals of Richie Stephens, one of Jamaica's top-tier vocalists of all time.

"The feedback from fans and music industry insiders has been immediate and through the roof. The comments are 100% positive and heartfelt", Stephens shared.

"The vibe we had in the studio recording the song was magical. What I especially love is that we both were able to deliver at such a higher level vocally. This is just so special to me", he noted.

The music video for the new song which drops on Thursday, January 5th at noon comes on the heels of Sanchez's recent hit single titled 'Original Song' which was released last October on the Pot of Gold & Dubshot Records.

'Double For My Troubles' was written and produced by Stephens, an award-winning singer who has been an established global superstar for over three decades.

Stephens kicks off 2023 with lovers rock banger 'Double For My Troubles' which is anchored by 'Amazing Grace' singer Sanchez, who on August 6 last year, was presented with the Music Icon Award by the Government of Jamaica, during the country’s Grand Gala Independence Anniversary Celebrations in Kingston.

"Sanchez is one of my favorite reggae singers. He is extremely talented so when the opportunity to work with him on this project materialized, I was thrilled", Stephens shared.

"For 2023 I have decided to write some love songs for the ladies and so far everyone who has heard 'Double For My Troubles' says Sanchez and I are sounding better than ever," Stephens said.


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