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  • Akeeile Harris

Meet Nedrick Beats: Pioneering the Future of Jamaican Trap-Dancehall Music

Embracing the rise of young composers within the local scene, working with industry leaders, and forging a path for a promising future. Interview

Nedrick, another promising talent

As the music scene continues to evolve, the role of rising talents like Nedrick Beats becomes increasingly pivotal in shaping the future of Jamaican music and its global impact.

Rajay Nedrick, also known as Nedrick Beats, traces the roots of his musical journey back to childhood. Following a personal tragedy – the loss of his brother just a month before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic – Rajay sought solace in music. It was during this challenging period that he discovered his passion for creating and recreating melodies, experimenting with GarageBand on his iPad, a pivotal moment that sparked his love for music composition. "Typically, I play around with my keyboard until I craft a catchy or emotionally resonant melody. Deemo (fellow composer) serves as a producer I admire, appreciating how he leverages his musical expertise to produce high-quality music," he expressed when discussing his sources of inspiration.

Working with talented artists such as Valiant, Kraff, and Skippa has solidified Nedrick Beats' status as an up-and-coming composer in the local industry. "Witnessing my beat merge with the artistic visions of collaborators to create a sound that surrounds me has been the most gratifying aspect of my collaborative experiences," he shared. "Notably, 'Skate' stands out as my proudest achievement, marking my initial solo endeavor. Interacting with Sulfa Ge during the creation of this project provided valuable insights into the music industry," the rising talent echoed.

Another single Nedrick contributed to is Valiant's 'Speed Off,' which was produced by DJ Mac. "Although I wasn't leading that collaboration and didn't have a hands-on experience working with him, I can affirm that he is indeed an excellent producer, and the project has served as a powerful motivator, compelling me to exert more effort and reach for higher goals. It not only marked my initial placement but remains my most significant song to date," Nedrick emphasized.

His partnership with Dynasty Global also led him to contribute to more projects. "I contacted Dynasty on Instagram to inquire about sending them beats, and they agreed, connecting me with Kyle Butler. Through this connection, they provided opportunities for networking, a well-organized team, and an environment for my growth and development. Additionally, it allowed me to collaborate with artists I had always hoped to work with and hopefully many more in the future," he revealed.

Nedrick Beats has earned recognition for his composition skills through leading singles. In today's digital landscape, he shared insights about the importance of the new opportunities that emerge through it. "Promoting your work on social media is essential today for networking, brand building, and staying relevant in the digital age. It offers a platform to reach diverse audiences, connect with collaborators, and build a strong online presence," Nedrick said. "The rise of young producers in the digital age can be attributed to factors such as increased access to affordable technology, online learning resources, and social media platforms," he further echoed.

Currently immersed in the trap-dancehall scene, attracted by songs that evoke pain and emotion. However, he does not confine himself to a singular genre. "I love and I'm open to working with any artist in the dancehall scene, but I would also love to branch off into different genres outside of the dancehall space, whether it be R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, or even the Afrobeat territory."

In the context of Jamaica's prolific dancehall scene, Nedrick Beats stands out as a dynamic force, contributing to the evolving soundscape of the genre.


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