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Young Producers on the rise

They work alongside rising dancehall stars and behind the hottest beats in the industry. 3 promising composers-producers you should know

Left: Deemo, Center: Prod.Carterr, Right: Mxssivh

Technology has not only changed the business market for many young artists but opened the doors for many young producers as well.

Last year, the 16-year-old producer, Carter-Daniel 'Prod Carterr' Wilson, 20 Years-Old, D'Mario 'Deemo' Patterson, and 21 Years-old, Justin ‘Mxssivh’ Junagadala, crafted some of the big songs of the year for artists such as Valiant, Chronic Law, Kraff & more.

The youngest one “Prod Carterr” is a talented producer/composer, who was born and raised in the vicinity of Kingston, Jamaica. A very consistent and hard-working young producer.

As one of the youngest in the game, he is a mastermind of the drums and incorporates new sounds and arrangements in his beats. His manager, Ambala, also contributes ideas on how he can create even better beats and make his production skills more professional. Over a span of 5 months, he has shown a great work ethic and consistency in making beats. With songs produced such as ‘Speed Off', one of the big hits for fast-rising dancehall star, Valiant, which he created together with DJ Mac.

“This is my most major experience for me so far. would be releasing my first single with Valiant and Dj Mac which took off on an international level”, the 16 years-old said.

From the Northwest coast to the heart of Jamaica Deemo and Mxssivh who hails from the northwest coast in the city of Montego Bay, both have created notable beats in recent years. The two young producers/composers worked closely with Kyle Butler and Dynasty Ent and created successful riddims such as ‘Heart To Heart’ and ‘My Letter To You’, and built beats for the dancehall newcomers such as Kraff, Jahshii, 450, Teebone and more.

The connection between these two young talented leads to consistent work. “sometimes he'd hit me up and be like 'yow let's work on some stuff, ppl hitting me up for beats and such' or sometimes we just brainstorm ideas most of the time, start and finish beats together”, Deemo compliments his close friend.

“Most of the projects we've done testify to just how important it is to being cooperative in this industry, not seeing a lot of it nowadays”, he added.

However, the 20 years-old producer does not limit himself to working with just a few people and keeps an open mind. “I'm not necessarily working with just one set of people because I'm being independent, giving myself the chance to not limit myself in a way with the industry and my songs speak to that”, Described the young producer Deemo, who also responsible for ‘Circumstances’ song on Rygin King album as well.

They have created beats for some other young artists and new faces in the game such as Bayka, Qwella, Ai Milly, Pablo YG, and more, and recently, Deemo and Prod.Carterr worked together on the production of ‘Fearless’, a new release from one of the Dancehall rising stars, Chronic Law. Tune was produced together with the executive video director, Shane Creative for his label – ‘Wikid Media Music’.

If you are wondering what is the explanation for what they really do? “to me, my role as a composer is putting my best production forward to not only create traction around an artiste but to please listeners. because at the end of the day, music is therapeutic”, the young producer, Carterr provides details.

The importance of correct use of contemporary technology helps them all to evolve, but also a musical mind. “I wasn't able to start until I got my laptop, but outside of it I'm musically inclined, so that drew me to it as well”, explained Deemo.

The Future is already here

As you understand, the future is bright for these guys, they just need to maintain active and keep evolving. "basically, just networking and trying to get myself out there more. mainly I'd do melodies in beats, but I've grown to be comfortable with either aspect”, Deemo Said.

Valiant & Stalk Ashley (Photo: YGF Instagram)

Mxssivh even takes it a step further, “I wanna be able to create a new sound, give dancehall a fresh new sound that’s innovative and internationally friendly, something that once you hear, you just have to move no matter what”, he stated. ”I also want to pave a lane for young producers to feel free to experiment and not be afraid to try some crazy ideas and different styles in their instrumentals. Make them feel free to be themselves and unlock their full creative abilities”, the Montego Bay native advises.

Their last step in the past year was co-produced the new collaboration, ‘Narcissist’ by the rising powerhouse, Valiant, and up-and-coming singer Stalk Ashley, all in association with YGF Records.

Valiant on a whole is a great person, I’m the type of person that finds it hard to bond with artists sometimes cause sometimes their egos are too high and I’m antisocial so I’ll be around and just be silent or awkward but with him, he’s one of the artists that you feel you can actually just reason with. He doesn’t act hyped or bigger than anyone, always full of energy and joy making it easier to really connect with him. I truly believe in his talent, super humble guy and I think that with more and more practice cause all of this is a learning process for us, he can be one of the biggest with the versatility he has locked in his pocket”, Mxssivh full of compliments to the rising dancehall star.

Valiant. "can be one of the biggest with the versatility he has locked in his pocket" (Riphotography)

For Mxssivh this is not the first time he has worked with big names. He has already had great experiences such as working alongside Skillibeng in his 'Mr. Universe' project and with rapper, Polo G.

“Major experience so far has probably been when I was with Polo G, connected with him to work and we went to the club and it was just great energy. To this day we still keep in contact and got a couple of songs in the works”, he testified.

The youngest of all in this talented group, he is also aiming for major steps. “I would like to work with Skillibeng. And I’m definitely about to do some work with Teejay”, said Prod.Carterr.

"I also want to pave a lane for young producers to feel free to experiment and not be afraid to try some crazy ideas and different styles in their instrumentals. Make them feel free to be themselves and unlock their full creative abilities". Mxssivh.

the young prodigies continue to pass the expectations established by producers that have been in the game longer than them.


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