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Jumping on the bandwagon: Sulfa Ge makes his name in the dancehall space

The rising producer talks about his progress over a year in the business and the importance of talent to reap greatness as the recipe for success in the digital age

Sulfa Ge, bolsters success for himself & underground artistes

Every great story usually starts with using your opportunity and the emerging producer, Sulfa Ge of Sulfa Ge Records, is one who definitely fits well in this slot. In a conversation with Kaboom Magazine, he talks about his journey, working with some rising talents and his growth in this dancehall industry.

With only a year in the business as an official producer, Sulfa (born Maxwell Whitehorn) is the driving force behind rising talent, Skippa, and has also worked with names such as Chronic Law, Kraff, and promising talents like Rajahwild, Ai Milly and Najeeri who is recently gaining momentum in the local dancehall space. "Mi work wid underground artistes, mostly upcoming talents", he told Kaboom Magazine.

The talented producer is responsible for some viral songs that have gained several million views & streams; such as Rajahwild's ‘Sinna For Real’, ‘Rage’ By fast-rising artiste, Kraff and also ‘Goblin’ by Najeeri and ‘Aruba’ by Skippa. "This is gothic Dancehall, music wid a gloomy feeling weh people can still relate to", he explains when asked about the popularity of those songs.

The recipe for success lies in the combination of talent, social media popularity or even luck sometimes in the digital age. "It is all about having a good team and making calculated decisions. Music seasonal suh yuh affi always a study yuh audience and gi dem weh dem wah hear", he echoed. "In a sense, social media play a major role but yah fi talented sed way, cause yuh can guh viral a mawnin den fade weh dung weh line way", the young producer emphasizes when asked about the topics of talent and virality.

As he continues to make progress and work his way up the dancehall food chain, Sulfa Ge is satisfied to see his personal growth. "This is my major experience so far", said the producer who has been inspired by top producers such as DJ Khaled, Rvssian and Kyle Butler.

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Jun 14, 2023

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