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Changing his game plan: Kyle Butler continues to grow as a music producer

While his football career stays on hold, the studio life became Kyle Butler’s second home after recording great successes in recent years. The producer talks about his experiences, challenges and the key to success

Kyle Butler, recorded great success as a music producer (Rickayla Mcneil)

Music producer, Kyle Butler made a name for himself in Jamaica long before he got into the music industry with the emerging label Dynasty Global.

As a footballer who played overseas, he hails from a football-based home with his father, Craig Butler, the owner of Phoenix Academy, which nurtures young players for years including the current international star of Jamaican football, who plays for Aston Villa from the English Premier League, Leon Bailey. “It made the connecting with artists a bit easier in the beginning for sure as they respected my family background and what I have done in football. It would be way more difficult to start out if I was not associated”, the 25-year-old music producer said.

Butler, Involved in every single production

While Bailey went on to a soaring football career, Kyle returned to his roots; to the island of Jamaica and in recent years has shared his time between football business and the music business. "I literally just tried, I never ever thought I would be doing music, it chose me. I'm still fighting with myself about my football dream because I ended it prematurely. Sometimes I want to lose the producer weight and go play ball again", he said in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.

He continued his journey and founded the label of Dynasty Global, which has recorded great success in recent years and brought fame to dancehall artiste; Rytikal with his hit single 'Chosen', which has garnered 26 million views on YouTube to date, followed by '258' by Jahshii, the song that actually rose the Grants Pen native artiste to prominence, among others.

"There are a million producers that work with big artistes and make a living from that but how many of them helped an artist breakthrough? how many producers do you see believing in young talents from the start? not many. That's how you become great, how you write your own story and legacy, helping people elevate is the way to go", echoed the former footballer and now producer.

When asked if it was possible to make a living from music production. He replied by saying, "I am now the owner of Dynasty Global, I'm appointing a new CEO in the next couple of weeks to deal with day-to-day operations. I have been involved with every single song both musically and logistically", he revealed. "Dynasty's success stems from a place of hunger, determination and pain. The timing for those hit songs were impeccable. Now, the shift has changed".

"how many producers do you see believing in young talents from the start? not many". (Rickayla Mcneil)

He identifies that hunger and determination were his key factors to success with most of Dynasty's productions matching the melodic range of the beats. "I love melodies, samples and heavily influenced by R&B music, so I like to produce songs that have a lot of melody, songs that you can listen to by yourself in your car", Butler clarified.

However, with the state of his professional football career unclear, Kyle Butler has to make a living from music. "You can definitely make a living from producing, however, it's the industry that requires constant reinvestment which is difficult to maintain financial stability", he testified and expanded about the sacrifice as a music producer. "I've had many memorable experiences from producing. From late-night studio sessions to shooting 4 music videos in a day during covid times, sleeping in a car in Ochi just to connect with Law boss. many things", Butler shared.

As he continues to help young artists including; Rhumba, Nhacea, Kraff, Zerimar, Ai Milly just to name a few, he continues to look towards his future. "I'm preparing the release of the 'Sin Riddim' and also preparing 25 singles to follow for the rest of the year. Loads of new music coming soon", Butler promised.


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