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  • Akeeile Harris

Leon Bailey Revealed: "The national team drained my energy; I was on the verge of taking a break"

The Aston Villa star opens up about his frustrations and commends Dujuan Richards during the "Let's Be Honest" podcast interview

Leon Bailey, just seeking professionalism. (Photo: AFP)

Jamaican footballer Leon Bailey appears to be hitting the peak of his career with Aston Villa in the English Premier League, showcasing an impressive record of 11 goals and 11 assists this season.

However, despite his success at the club level, Bailey faced disappointment when he was excluded from the Reggae Boys team for the Nations League matches against the USA and Panama on March 21 and 24, respectively, due to breaking the curfew.

In an interview on the "Let's Be Honest" podcast hosted by Jaisfrais, Bailey candidly shared his perspective on the situation. "That's normal. Every player does that. I missed the curfew time, nobody really stays in the hotel," Bailey admitted. "When they told me I wouldn't be invited to the next camp, I felt it was harsh. We (Me & Coach) haven't talked since the last camp in November. I was on the verge of taking a break from the national team, putting up my boots for a while. It's been too much."

Bailey expressed the toll representing the national team takes on him. "Mi be in a National team it's drain mi energy a lot. for me coming to the National team, takes a lot. none a dem no know the half mi a go through to turn up into the team. that's why sometimes those things hurt me."

Asserting his global recognition, Bailey stated, "Jamaica National team can't really do much to me. Jamaica National team can't give me exposure. it's not like Real Madrid called me. a mi a shine the light pon the National Team basically. People know Leon Bailey everywhere in the world. I mi no remember the last mi ever go, and somebody don't know me."

Highlighting issues of professionalism, Bailey outlined his expectations from the national team. "Two things alone mi ask them and every time I can't get this. You have a man book flights for me, and send me from England to Jamaica and send economic flight with 3 different stops. I don't ask for pay, non a dem things. make sure mi have a proper flight and make sure mi have a room by myself. and mi cya get that," he stated. "I am exposed to injury. Every time I go back to England, I'm starting on the bench because the coach thinks about the long flights."

"I am exposed to injury. Every time I go back to England, I'm starting on the bench" (Photo: Getty Images)

The Jamaican star also commends his fellow Phoenix academy teammate Dujuan Richards, who recently joined the London giants, Chelsea. "that's a big massive thing. lots of people need to pree and focus really how much Jamaican born, came straight outta Jamaica and gone straight into a Premier League team".


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