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Jahshii, Chronic Law & 8 More: The Weekly Top Singles

A diverse collection of music to elevate your playlist, featuring Popcaan, Spice, Jahmiel, Malie, and More

L-R: Skeng, Jahmiel, IWaata, Chronic Law (Photo Credit: Cedestial, Shot By Deth, Rickayla Mcneil)

In yet another exciting week of music, the industry witnesses an array of fresh singles, with artists bringing their unique talents to the forefront. Alongside them, creative video directors play a pivotal role in delivering captivating visuals that enhance the listening experience. This week's list promises a diverse range of musical styles and artistic expressions, making it a thrilling time for music enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of established artists or excited to discover emerging talents, there's something for everyone in this week's compilation of fresh singles.

Chronic Law – 'Likkle Law Boss' With faith as his slogan, Chronic Law once more showcases his undeniable melodic talent. If you appreciate profound messages to match any mood, this artist is your ideal choice. His latest single features the brilliant lyrics, "We Get Wise While Me Get Older" which showcases his lyrical prowess. Melody is truly the essence of Law Boss's artistry.

Giggs Ft. Popcaan – 'We Nuh Fraid' A remarkable collaboration between Popcaan and British-Jamaican rapper Giggs results in a powerful video. The lyrical melodies of the Unruly Boss blend seamlessly with the rap skills of the British artist, conveying a clear message: 'We Are Fearless'.

Jafrass, Jahmiel – 'Prayer' A captivating and surprising collaboration has taken place between Jafrass, known for his exceptional deejaying skills, and Jahmiel, renowned for his sharp lyrical prowess, in their latest single. Together, they delve into the melodies of prayer to conquer obstacles and flourish on life's journey. The remarkable visuals beautifully complement this powerful message.

Jahshii – 'Legends' After overcoming recent obstacles and negative headlines, Jahshii sets his sights high with a new single. Armed with his signature melodies and a powerful message, he expresses that time has revealed his true friends as he remains confident on his path to stardom, or even to legendary status.

Skeng, Kaka Highflames – 'Shak' The dynamic collaboration between Skeng and the selector-producer Jiggyd, a partnership that has already demonstrated its prowess in the past, is once more generating significant buzz, this time in an electrifying fashion. With their exceptional creativity, they harness the energy of JPS to electrify the audience, joining forces with rising dancer/dancehall artiste, Kaka Highflames, in a scorching new single. Both artists exchange playful verses, and when paired with the infectious Zimi Records beat, this track is destined to become an instant dancefloor favorite.

Drae Sunami – 'Matic' Dancehall newcomer, Drae Sunami maintains momentum with his latest release, showcasing intriguing melodic prowess and an infectious flow. Keep an ear out for this name; we're likely to hear more from him.

Spice – 'Bed A Rock' The Queen of dancehall, Spice, concludes her latest single with a sultry video and a seductive message, asserting her bed as a rock. With her captivating flow, the female DJ seamlessly synchronizes with the beat, guaranteeing a hit for the dance floors.

IWaata – 'Tun Di Ada Way' IWaata seamlessly blends with these bouncy beats. The Papine-born deejay once more centers his attention on the ladies as he delivers lyrics with his charismatic flow, skillfully crafting rhymes and delivering a track that's tailor-made for the dance floor.

Malie Donn – 'Dora' Malie remains dedicated to establishing himself as a prominent figure in the dancehall realm. His distinctive flow exemplifies his creativity, as he takes on the persona of Dora to deliver a seductive single that is bound to captivate the female audience.


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