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Jahshii Releases Second Single From His Upcoming EP 'Numb'

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Dancehall artiste, Jahshii continues to overcome the struggles surrounding him with the release of 'Missed Calls'

Jahshii, continues to overcome the struggles surrounding him (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Dancehall artiste Jahshii continues to overcome the obstacles that followed him in recent times and converts them into music when he teases a new EP titled 'Numb'.

The title track was released on September 25 via the emerging label of 'Now Or Never' and Fuss Nation, after the tragic loss of his brother, David Clarke, as a result of a shooting incident between gunmen in his Community of Grants Pen.

The deejay whose given name is Mluleki Clarke, declares that it was created by pain, and announces that he will continue to prevail through his music.

The 'Cream Of The Crop' singjay drops the second single from the project 'Missed Calls', produced by Phoenix.

'Them treat me like mi nuh have feelings', he sings in the first part of the single while he once again demonstrates his wonderful melodic ability.

With a series of unfortunate events surrounding his family, Jashi made controversial headlines when he was named in an investigation regarding the death of a man named Omar 'Romie' Wright, who is allegedly one of Grants Pen's dons. Jahshii was questioned by the police and later released followed by an attack of armed men along with his entourage after leaving his birthday party at a club in Kingston. six members of his entourage were injured.


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