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Dj Fade & DJ Lank to produce the first official Jersey Club Remix to Dancehall

The international DJ talks about his experiences in Jamaica, the Dancehall culture, his favorite singles and introducing the Jersey Style to well known producer, Anju Blaxx

DJ Fade in Jamaica, "Embracing this vibrant atmosphere in Jamaica is an incomparable experience" (StoffInJa)

The popular International disc jock, DJ Fade takes the dancehall to Jersey Club while combining his subgenre fusion with the Jamaican culture. The Jersey Club sound has risen to become a prominent and popular trend in the music industry, with a rich and storied history. Originated as a fusion of hip-hop and dance but has since evolved and embraced other emerging genres like Jersey Drill. “I combine my style into dancehall by remixing popular trending songs and play them at my sets to give the crowd a different feel. The high-energy nature of Jersey Club seamlessly complements soca songs, allowing for a dynamic fusion that captivates the crowd”, The International DJ said.

Brandon Metz more popularly as DJ Fade recently teamed up with DJ Lank of Code Red Sound for a remixed version of Lank's 'Last Time' single by dancehall heavyweight Tommy Lee Sparta. "I presented Anjublaxx my vision to introduce jersey club to the dancehall world", he told Kaboom Magazine. “This remix marks a significant milestone as the first official Jersey Club remix by a dancehall artiste. The recording took place at Anjublaxx studios in Kingston, Jamaica, adding an authentic touch to the production. The collaboration showcases the fusion of Jersey Club and dancehall, resulting in a unique and innovative musical offering that highlights the vibrant energy of both genres”, the American-based DJ described.

These remixes are designed to give exposure to dancehall by blending it with other genres. “My main objective with the remixes is to expand the reach of the music to a broader audience beyond what the original versions can achieve. One notable example is my transformation of Teejay’s ‘Drift’ record which is transformed to an energetic Afrotech song”, he explained.

The ‘Drift’ remix has garnered support from renowned international artistes like Walshy from Major Lazer, Puffy, and many others. “The DJs I have relationships with are frequently performing at major festivals worldwide, and as a DJ deeply connected to the Caribbean diaspora, with firsthand experience attending parties in Jamaica, I’m aware of the latest trends and what truly resonates with the audience so I can bring it to new heights”, Dj Fade added.

Dj Fade alongside Lank & Anjublaxx during the studio session

Being aware of the claim that dancehall is in decline at the global level, DJ Fade feels that it is actually a good time to highlight the popular Caribbean-Jamaica music genre. "Dancehall is similar to hip-hop. Most of these artistes that are trending in dancehall often hail from economically disadvantaged areas of Jamaica, using their music to narrate the realities and experiences of their daily lives and surroundings. One remarkable aspect of this genre is its infectious beats, captivating even those who may not comprehend the lyrics fully", he passionately explained. “While it's true that not every Dancehall song attains commercial success, this is what makes Jamaica's music scene so unique and authentic. The essence of Jamaican culture lies in the raw and genuine vibe, something that can truly be felt when experiencing it firsthand in Jamaica. Embracing this vibrant atmosphere in Jamaica is an incomparable experience, encapsulating the true spirit and allure of Dancehall music”, He praised the spirit and atmosphere that surrounds the dancehall and mentioned that Bayka's ‘1Uptown’ is also a single that became popular in his playlist.

Having played at Dream Weekend in Negril and also attended the Jamaica Carnival, DJ Fade is actually drawn by the island's charms. “Dancehall and reggae didn’t have a major impact on my life until I actually took a visit to Negril for Dream Weeknd. Experiencing the profound impact of Caribbean music firsthand was a transformative experience for me. This trip marked a significant shift in my musical journey because I received the opportunity to witness the crowd response to these records. As a DJ, I incorporate dancing into my performances, and witnessing the crucial interplay between the music and dance inspired me to broaden my collection of dancehall, reggae, and soca tracks”.

Also, this carnival experience was an eye-opener for the rising DJ. “Being in the Caribbean milieu, an MC's role is essential, and despite not being a part of any particular sound system, I enthusiastically embrace this responsibility. It has been a tremendous learning experience being surrounded by influential DJs like Nicco, Madout, Lurbz, and the esteemed Lord Hype, who are pivotal figures dominating the culture's vibrant scene. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such esteemed leaders in the Caribbean music culture”, he echoed.

Having fulfilled many dreams as a successful international DJ, DJ Fade is already thinking about the next level. “I envision a future where I integrate film production and stage design to create a platform that genuinely reflects my unique and unexplored creative vision. I aim to present an experience unlike anything seen before, captivating audiences in ways they have yet to witness”.

DJ Fade alongside Lank & Anjublaxx in studio

After embracing the Jamaican culture, he lamented further; "Dancehall has undeniably achieved mainstream status", DJ Fade is kind of an international ambassador for Jamaica. "For example Bayka's '1uptown' song, which happens to be one of my personal favorite TikTok dances, despite not fully grasping its meaning. The universal appeal of dancehall's rhythm and vibe transcends language barriers, uniting people in the joy of dance and expression", he concluded.

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