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Dream Weekend 2023: An All-VIP Experience of Luxury and Adventure

Dream Weekend organizer, Scott Dunn is ready for an all-VIP experience with a star-studded line-up aiming for record-breaking ticket sales

Scott Dunn. "It is the first time that we're going to an all-VIP experience" (Rickayla Mcneil)

With an unwavering commitment to curating unforgettable experiences, Dream Weekend Organizer Scott Dunn, promises an awe-inspiring fusion of luxury and adventure that will captivate attendees like never before because for this year’s staging, everyone is VIP.

"We are basically going to an all-VIP experience. It is the first time that we are doing that. We realized that over the years more patrons have been gravitating towards the VIP experience over General and we thought why should anyone be general. They can all be VIP. We are offering food and drink inclusive for all patrons. So it is eight events over five days and all events will be inclusive," he told Kaboom Magazine.

Scott Dunn, Dream Weeknd's ticket sales already showing record numbers (Rickayla Mcneil)

According to Dunn, with ticket sales already showing record numbers, he believes the 2023 staging of the event will be the best one yet.

"Ticket sales have been tremendous. I think this is going to be our biggest year and I think that is largely due to the fact that we have put out the line-up earlier than ever before. From months ago we have been able to put out the artistes and people gravitated towards that," he said.

"This year we have Shenseea, Chronic Law, Stalk Ashley, Wayne Wonder, Chronic Law, Valiant, Ding Dong and Skeng all booked already and we also have a lineup of every big deejay that is relevant in dancehall and Soca globally," he continued.

Dream weekend started back in 2009 and over the years has developed a stellar reputation as one of the Caribbean's largest and best party series to date. Attracting patrons from all over the world who want to fully immerse themselves in the ultimate party experience, Dream Weekend has become a generational event for new and loyal patrons. But keeping the brand going and the standard high is not necessarily easy Dunn admits, but he along with the other members of the ‘Dream Team’ are always looking for ways to level up.

"It is a balance of being consistent and then reinventing yourself. There are things that people have come to know and love about Dream Weekend. There is a standard that people know and look forward to but we also can’t get old and boring at the same time. The brand has been around some time so we have to find ways to improve each year," he said of the formula to keep the event going strong.

Furthermore, Dream Weekend has started to infiltrate global markets as it has not only expanded into the United States but last year September, event organizers brought the experience to Europe.

"It was a tremendous event and part of our plan for the brand which is to expand globally. The more that we do globally, the more eyes we have on Negril. The more people who understand what we are doing. They get a taste of what it is like. We have done the United States but last year we chose Malta as our first Europe stop. It is just south of Italy and at that time in September the weather was very similar to Jamaica, and we had events by the seaside, and it gives that kind of feel like Negril. We executed 11 events across four days," Dunn revealed.

hosting some of Jamaica's premier events for years (Rickayla Mcneil)

Hoping to continue the momentum, they are also looking for other places across the world to host the event. Dunn shared that possible upcoming locations include Dubai, Bermuda, Orlando and New York.

For Dunn who has been in the events business for many years, he has hosted some of Jamaica's most premier events. But how does he maintain his credibility and continue to give value to the Jamaican entertainment team? According to him it is all about having the right team.


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