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Boom Boom's Selections: Artist of the Year, Song, and More

Iconic Selector reflects on a prosperous year, picks Masicka as the artiste of the year ("Him go hard"), chooses his Breakthrough Artistes, selects Riddim of the Year, and highlights who to Watch in 2024

Boom Boom, definitely top candidate for the selector of the year (Photo: Tejano Taylor)

The accomplished and influential selector in the dancehall industry, Boom Boom, born as Marlon Wizard, wrapping up yet another successful year filled with achievements, he has not only made a mark on the local scene but has also left a notable impact in the global market. Hailing from the Grants Pen community in Kingston 8, Jamaica, Boom Boom has solidified his position as a leading figure in the industry.

With a career spanning over a decade, Boom Boom has consistently shone on the stage, catapulting numerous artists to fame by showcasing their hits. Alongside his partners in crime, selectors Harry Hype and ZJ Milo, he has expanded his brand, curating various local events such as Boom Sundays, Uptown Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays, and more. Their influence has extended to locations beyond Jamaica, including the USA and England.

Masicka, "Go hard this year" (Photo: Prod By Nick)

As per the annual norm, Boom Boom stood out while hosting prestigious stage shows in Jamaica, notably Sumfest, where he is celebrated for bringing some of the biggest dancehall stars to the forefront, including Teejay, Masicka, and Tommy Lee Sparta, among others. The local icon has also left a lasting impact on other stage events, such as the highly anticipated performances of Chris Brown last August and at the Streetz Festival alongside Masicka.

Reflecting on the past year, the legendary figure expressed, "It was a favorable year." Seizing the opportunity, we delved into his experiences to uncover who else was impressed by the eventful occurrences in the Jamaican music industry. "Masicka fi get a artist of the year. he dropped an album and the album hit enu. You observe the songs of the album and everything on it is a hit. We look pon it from the year start, January comes straight back to December. That's why I believe Masicka should be named Artist of the Year. Him go hard this year; him go right through," Boom Boom, sharing his perspective.

Regarding the Female Artist of the Year, Boom Boom chose the Queen of Dancehall, Spice, stating, "It's a tough question. If not Spice, I would say Shaneil Muir." Continuing the conversation about the Song of the Year, he asserted, "It has to be Teejay's 'Drift.' But if not 'Drift,' then 'Tyrant.'"

Moving on to the title of Riddim of the Year, Boom Boom commended his fellow community producer, Frank White, for the 'Big Bunx' compilation released through Zimi Records and 'Now or Never'. "There are a lot of songs on that riddim that just hit the ground," he explained. The impact of Big Bunx reverberated across the dancefloors, featuring a series of singles such as Valiant's 'Mad Out,' Najeeiriii's 'Padel Boat,' Rajawild's 'Wild Out,' and many more. Every artist seemed eager to be part of this continuous juggling, attesting to the significant impact created by Big Bunx.

Boom also recognizes the breakthrough artists this year. "It's among three young artists: Rajahwild, Najeeriii, and, mi woulda say, Malie," the iconic selector stated. Looking ahead to 2024, he is confident that it will be another promising year for dancehall. "Watch out for Pablo YG and Jquan," he concluded jokingly, adding, "As for the Selector of the Year, I would say World Boom."


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