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The hottest riddim of the summer: ‘Big Bunx’ is creating waves on the dancehall scene

With Rajahwild's 'Wild Out', Najeeriii's 'Paddle Boat' already impacting the charts and Valiant also on board, the ‘Now or Never’ label is about to officially launch its debut project. The project in collaboration with Zimi Records comes with great aspirations

F-L: Ruppi, Najeeriii & Shane Creative

The emerging label of 'Now Or Never', recently released its debut riddim in collaboration with Zimi Records titled, 'Big Bunx' Riddim. The compilation is creating waves in the local dancehall market, with the singles 'Wild Out' by Rajahwild and 'Paddle Boat' by the fast-rising artiste, Najeeriii already taking the top spots on the YouTube trending charts in Jamaica, making this project arguably the hottest Riddim of the summer.

The infectious beat was built by composer Franc White of Zimi Records and features some of the hottest names in the industry such as Rajahwild, Najeeriii, Roze Don, IWaata and the latest addition, Konshens with his 'Dip Suh' single. "It's the first of many projects to come. I have a close relationship with Zimi Records among other producers so it's a new lane we take on", Said the top video director, Ruppi from the 'Now Or Never' team. "Nothing can't beat juggling. We have some bad singles as well line up fi drop, but the focus is on Big Bunx right now", he echoed.

As mentioned above, the riddim has hit the top of the charts and has become very popular on the local dance floors. Najeeriii's 'Paddle Boat' has garnered 1.5 million views on YouTube, while Rajawild's "Wild Out" has become one of the hottest singles on the island, with over 3.8 million views on YouTube to date.

"We have couple more songs fi big bunx fi drop. So far we have officially a dozen songs with 3 more to be completed from three top artistes", Ruppi lamented to Kaboom Magazine. "Couple other people on it with the likes of Pretty Pretty, Deno Crazy and more", he further added.

All the tracks are accompanied with a music video that are all already shot and ready to be released. Valiant with a single titled 'Mad Out' as well as Bayka and other artistes aren’t officially released yet.

The official launch of the riddim is set to take place on Thursday July 20, at their new weekly event 'Pop Up Thursday', which is also in partnership with Zimi Records. "Some real big names mi feel like people ago be out for, so looking forward for it", Ruppi revealed.

Two of the Jamaican music industry's current top video directors, Aka Ruppi and Shane Creative have been known for their impactful videos over the past few years, each doing so under their own brand, have now teamed up for a new collaborative effort that also includes music production.

Behind-the-scene of Najeeriiis 'Paddle Boat'


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