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Conquered 2023: The Breakthrough artistes so far this year

This new generation of artistes are rising to prominence and shaking up the dancehall music landscape. Find your new favourite artiste in our list

Malie Donn, RajahWild, Najeeriii (Kyro Smoke, 1Young Elvis, Tejano Taylor)

There is nothing quite like the thrill of finding new talents to put on endless repeat; those who will dictate the genre in the near future and shape the music industry. We can rely on them to light up numerous events or dance floors in the upcoming years.

With Jamaica a prolific breeding ground for emerging musical talents and embracing viral trends; we reviewed some of the young talents who have made the most noise so far in 2023. Some of which have been here for more than a minute, while some are still buzzing and developing new sounds. Dancehall current frontrunners such as: Valiant, Kraff and Skeng are not included on the list as their name already speak for itself. Now’s the time to find your next favorite in line.


Who he is: With his unique sound, image and dynamic performances, the Mobay young teenager, RajahWild has quickly become one of the most exciting and promising artists in the dancehall space. While he has one of the hottest singles right now, ‘Wild Out’ which has amassed 7 million views to date, his music continues to resonate with fans around the world and his status is sure to continue to rise in the years to come.

Leading Singles: ‘Another Dollar’, ‘Wild Out’, ‘Bad Habit’, ‘Powder’, ‘El Fuego’.


Who he is: Another teenager who rapidly made a surge into the music industry is Najeeriii. A 'Trap Dancehall' recording artiste, not yet 18 years old and already making waves in the dancehall space with his infectious and catchy melodies, unique flow and style while generating curiosity overseas after his recent interview with Seani B of BBC1Xtra. Najeeriii has been dominating the trending charts recently with singles such as 'Paddle Boat' (which racked up 3.5 million views), ‘Sintrap' and 'Panton', It’s intriguing to see what the future holds for him.

Leading Singles: ‘Paddle Boat’, ‘Panton’, ‘Sintrap, ‘Goblin’, ‘Goon’, ‘Credits’ (Ft. Jquan), ‘Hack We Hack’.

Malie Donn

Who he is: Spanish Town Born-Portmore-based rising talent, Malie Donn continues his surge in the industry. With the viral hit single 'V6' (which has amassed 8.8 million views on YouTube to date) continuing to impact the dance floors, the artiste, who was born Kimalie Hylton, is continuing to gain momentum. Characterized by his hard-hitting lyrical prowess and provocative lyrics, he has solidified his position in the dancehall space, earning him a surprised set during Teejay’s Reggae Sumfest performance.

Leading Singles: ‘V6’, ‘Bank’, ‘Crook’, ‘Credits’ (Ft. Najeeriii)


Who he is: When exuding mastery of a veteran while also bringing something refreshing with a slightly different flow, Jquan has made a leap in the dancehall space recently. The Manchester native talent showcases his exciting melodic & storytelling abilities and became a promising name in the dancehall space. Now is the time for him to stay consistent.

Leading Singles: ‘Choppa Gospel’, ‘Bogus’, ‘Still a Fight’, ‘Credits’ (Ft. Najeeriii)

Pablo YG

Who he is: The St-Ann-based talented artiste has impressed since his breakthrough last year, but in 2023 it looks like he has shown much growth in the music industry. His consistency earned him a debut performance on the reggae Sumfest stage, while recently releasing his debut project 'Bad Juvi' with some curious collaborations including 'Galore' with Skillibeng and also songs with Bayka and dancehall diva Moyann. He has racked up a decent catalog since he arrived on the scene, however, this is the time for him to deliver a major hit single.

Leading Singles: ‘Richer N Richer’, ‘Galore’, ‘Bad Juvi’, ‘Motorsport’

With time still left until the year ends, there are many exciting prospects to pay close attention to, some of which include the likes of; Nhance and Skippa who have been steadily creating names for themselves. With the emergence of social media and the ease of virality, maybe even more talents will emerge in short order.

Who Is new favourite artiste?

  • Rajahwild

  • Najeeriii

  • Malie Donn

  • Jquan

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