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  • Akeeile Harris

Watch: Ikaya and Producer Ajal Unveil Empowering Music Video for 'Insecure'

Jamaican artist Ikaya and producer Ajal have released a music video for their single, serving as a platform for girls dealing with insecurities

Jamaican vocalist, Ikaya

Jamaican artist Ikaya, in collaboration with producer Ajal, has unveiled the music video for her latest single, 'Insecure.' The track delves into the challenges faced by a woman battling insecurity and striving to muster the strength to move forward.

Ikaya skillfully demonstrates her songwriting prowess, weaving a narrative that explores the struggles of women grappling with insecurities, resorting to using their sexuality to cope, as depicted in the accompanying video.

Hailing from Water House community in Kingston, Ikaya has carved a prominent niche for herself in the music industry, having released two albums and shared the stage with renowned artists like Dexta Daps.

Ajal, a rising producer and songwriter, boasts an impressive resume, having collaborated with industry heavyweights such as DeMarco, Jahshii, Mikel Rose, and Chronic Law.

The collaborative effort between Ikaya and Ajal in crafting 'Insecure' is poised to resonate with a global audience. The song offers a relatable experience for anyone who has grappled with feelings of insecurity.


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