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Demarco & Producer Ajal have teamed up for another single

Two weeks after they dropped a single with Jahshii, The US-based producer and the dancehall star, have once again worked together for the release of 'Bruk It Off'

Demarco during video shoot (Photo: Tori Harding)

Dancehall star Demarco and producer Ajal continue to work together in what looks like a long-term connection. Recently, the US-based producer brought together the established deejay with Jahshii for 'We Did It', while now they just dropped another banger titled 'Bruk It Off'.

"It’s always a pleasure working with Demarco on a track. He’s extremely talented and is well experienced in the music industry which allows him to deliver hit songs with ease. I am confident that this song will take the dancehall world by storm,” said Producer Ajal.

While the 'We Did It' single is currently in the trending charts on Youtube Jamaica after garnering over 225K views in less than 2 weeks, Both Deejays have once again joined forces for another collab titled 'Star Life' which was produced by Chings Records.

Regarding 'Bruk It Off' it's the latest single from Producer Ajal, who recently teamed up with Teejay on the song 'Faith' and with Grammy Award winner Mykal Rose on 'Marijuana'.

Jahshii & Demarco on the latest set of 'We Did It' (Photo: Tori Harding)


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