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Ikaya became emotional in a new single 'Dying In Love'

The singer has teamed up with producer Ajal who said: "This is the first time that I am releasing a song by a female artiste, and won't be the last"

Ikaya, gets emotional

Recording artiste Ikaya has teamed up with rising producer Ajal for a new single, 'Dying in Love' which is released on Friday, August 4.

Known for tackling matters of the heart as well as social issues. Her latest single takes the listener on a journey through good times and heartbreak. This is the first time that the producer has released a song with a female artiste.

"This is the first time that I am releasing a song by a female artiste and I can assure music lovers that this won't be the last," said Producer Ajal.

He added, "I enjoyed working with Ikaya, she is a talented artiste and she delivered a really good song that touches on the heartstrings and resonates with persons who have experienced love and trying to escape certain situations."

Ikaya recently rode the charts with Self Defense and according to Producer Ajal, Dying in Love is set to make strides on the charts as well.

"We are putting in the promotion and we expect to see results. Dying in Love is a song that has set the bar for an artiste of Ikaya's caliber and we hope to collaborate again in the future," said Producer Ajal.


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