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Valiant Reflects on His Successful Journey with the Release of 'Dweet'

A year after one of the most memorable breakthroughs in dancehall history, Valiant proudly showcases his achievements with a new single

Valiant, reflecting on his remarkable journey

Who can forget the groundbreaking moment in dancehall history when Valiant, the rapidly ascending star, experienced his unforgettable breakthrough a year ago? Fast forward to today, and he continues to strengthen his musical arsenal with a fresh single titled 'Dweet,' utilizing his lyrical prowess and melodies to reflect on his remarkable journey.

Demonstrating the fruits of his success over the past year, Valiant collaborates with British/Jamaican producer YGR English, showcasing scenes that were likely captured during his visit to Canada, skillfully directed by video director Khing Cam.

Reflecting on the past, Valiant has experienced a meteoric, some might say phenomenal, rise in his fan base. Just a year ago, he had a modest following of a little over 30K, and now he approaches the impressive milestone of 400K followers on his Instagram account, as well as 585K subscribers to his YouTube channel.

The release of 'Dweet' marks a significant milestone in what can only be described as a magical year in Valiant's career. This period has elevated him to the status of one of the leading forces in current dancehall, setting the scene ablaze with hits like 'Mad Out,' 'Motorcade,' and others, all the while expanding and upgrading his ever-growing fan base.

With a rising demand to perform overseas, Valiant has made shows in England, Canada, and marked his debut performances in the US, having recently obtained his visa. It's safe to say, "I 'Dweet.'"


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