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Is Valiant's The Most Significant Breakthrough In Dancehall History?

With the 'Kotch Eh Hat' slang paving the way for Valiant, the rising star is on the way to securing his name among dancehall's elite

Valiant with his fans (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

When it's your time, it's your time, but is this the biggest break in dancehall history? A year ago, Valiant released a viral video with the slang "Kotch eh hat a lie, rich a lie", which immediately became viral and literally changed his entire life. He has taken the local music scene by storm as one of dancehall's biggest breakout artistes in the past few years.

The fast-rising star (born Raheem Bowes) has become one of the most outstanding voices in the global dancehall space with a phenomenal demand for shows both locally and overseas.

With an expanding catalog of hit singles such as 'North Carolina', 'Dunce Cheque', 'Motorcade', 'Expensive', 'Barbies', 'St Mary', and 'Speed Off', to name a few, he became the most talked about artist in the last leg of 2022, however, it did not stop here. He was mentioned in the prestigious magazine Vogue as an artist to watch for 2023 and signed with Romiech Entertainment, further evidence of his huge success.

What a year it has been for 'Fada Dipo' (Photos: Jamar Cleary, Tejano Taylor, Rickayla Mcneil)

Released his his debut project, '4:14 Mixtape', in July featuring several collaborations including refixes and remixes, Valiant offers a brilliant project for his growing fan base.

Currently Valiant has already generated over 250 million YouTube views with over 552k subscribers and over 628K monthly Spotify listeners contributing to his over 200 million Spotify streams.

Many would argue that he had the biggest breakthrough in dancehall history when the one who might be able to challenge this claim, is Rygin King who also had a remarkable breakthrough back in 2017. In the meantime, Valiant is currently having one of the busiest schedules in the dancehall space, while cementing his status as one of the faces of the new era of dancehall and mastering his artistry on a daily basis.

Does Valiant have the biggest break in dancehall history?

  • Yes, he is

  • No, Other artistes experienced a more significant breakout


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