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Valiant becomes a "Sainty" to end the chapter of his Obeah songs

The fast-rising dancehall artiste has recently stated that he is done with obeah songs. "This is a great project to close this chapter in his career", said the producer of the song, Mapppy

Valiant, "the full package as an artiste" (Tori Jessica Harding)

Valiant is one of the leading voices in the dancehall music scene. He continues to push boundaries with his creative mind, challenge himself and attract his growing fan base by touching on some interesting topics. However, the bar continues to rise as long as he stays consistent with releasing new music.

The rising-dancehall artiste once again generated curiosity with the release of his new single titled, "Sainty".The single was released on May 22 accompanied by an intriguing music video that has already racked up 470,000 views placing #10 on the trending chart in Youtube Jamaica.

The beat was built by Mappy, a talented producer from the NSG Music Group who co-produced the newest single alongside Valiant’s very own label, Diplomats Records. "The space is currently stagnant and I think there is definitely a need for more creativity. I tackle all of my projects with a collaborative effort from both the artist and my team. There are always different options to choose from before we proceed with an idea", explained Mappy.

One of the dancehall driving forces has recently stated that he has done obeah songs and this may possibly be the single that will close that chapter for him. "The project was already in place to be released. So the statement wasn't really a trigger. This is allegedly his last one so I think it's a great project to close this chapter of his career", the producer revealed. "Valiant liked the idea of wanting to be a scarecrow and having a science woman in the video. So my team and I, as well as 9 Mile Visuals, found a way to bring it to life and it came out great", he said about the visuals concept.

The up-and-coming label NSG expects to reap success with this single while they work with one of hottest artistes. "I think Valiant is the full package as an artiste. He is very versatile and he is always deliberate with his actions. He’s not afraid to experiment which makes his potential limitless", mappy told Kaboom Magazine.

"it's a great project to close this chapter of his career", Mappy and Valiant during the video shoot

Valiant, whose given name is Raheem Bowes rose to stardom last year with the hits "North Carolina" and "St. Mary's" which went viral instantly after the artiste getting popular with his slang "Kotch E Hat".

Since then, he has become one of the leading faces in the dancehall industry, while one of his most viral songs, Siance, also touches on the topic of Obeah. Is this the end of a chapter? Time will tell.

Mappy alongside DJ Mac, both a rising producers in the industry


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