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2022 breakthrough artiste of the year

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

As every year in the Jamaican music industry, there are talents that made their breakthrough. Valiant's fastest jump into the headlines, Kraff's uniqueness or do you even go for Topmann? Review of the year 2022, here we go.


One of the fastest breakouts in dancehall history. what a fantastic upgrade he made in the last 3 months. There is no single street in Jamaica that doesn't know about Valiant. it started with the viral 'Kotch e Hat' slang that became viral and continued to hit at a breakneck pace. 'North Carolina' & 'St. Mary' were the first among his expanding catalog, and now he is already taking the top spots on the YouTube trending chart. even his latest releases 'Dunce Cheque' surpass 3.5 million views while 'Scholar' will make it anytime soon.

Valiant, Fastest jump into the headlines (Riphotograpy)


'We Out Here Stacking Dinero'. It's not just a line from his 'Dinero' hit, the north coast native had everyone on their feet saying – "There is something interesting here". With his special and rough voice, unique lyrics, and storytelling ability, Kraff Gad brings something different to the table. after releasing his promising debut EP, he is one of the 2022 refreshing news.


he is one of the sensations of the year. Even if he doesn't regularly release songs and take the top trending spots on Youtube, he has a mega-hit that started as a viral freestyle and now surpassed 7.5 million views on social media platforms. he also had a surprisingly short performance alongside Sheensea at Reggae Sumfest and this happen when he was not yet 18 years old. The young talent from Manchester Parish is on the list of prospects to watch.

Biggs Don, one of the sensations (Riphotograpy)


This was the year that took him one step forward. the rising dancehall artiste, Bayka, with a strong voice, what you definitely mark as his advantage, expanded his musical catalog. his journey started last year with the hit, 'Mobster', and continued with songs like "1 Uptown', and 'She Like it', which entered the playlists of every DJ. He is also begun to receive bookings regularly and perform in some big local events. So what holds the future for the MOB?


After ended up his football career, Topmann quickly made an impact in the dancehall music industry. with his refreshing voice and very creative lyrics, you can definitely mark his name as a promising prospect. He created a viral hit song called "Gyal Code", and collected money with "Cash Ready". so basically, this journey does not stop here for the Montego Bay native.


There is an active clash in the airwaves, but we focus on the music. He has a unique flow, and an emerging hit streak, the rising dancehall artist also started getting bookings around the Caribbean. His catalog already includes songs like 'Bank' and 'Crook' and releases songs on a weekly routine. After leaving his athletics career aside, Malie Donn is enamored of sly rhymes and tight rhythms.


A few months ago he broke into the scene with a hit that boosted the sales of the nutrition Drink, Ensure. 'Code' also put Brysco on the map and along with performances at some top events all over the island. the "Enure Boss" managed to spice up his musical catalog with '10th Floor', an updated version of Dr. Dre's timeless beat. Brysco needs to maintain consistency, but just on the last day, he launched a collaboration with Tommy Lee Sparta, which ensures that he does not rest.

Brysco, The Ensure Boss (Jamar Cleary/ ClearEditz)


A high school student who jumped on the popular 'Choppa Lifestyle'. That's how it started for Marksman, a Westmoreland parish product whose journey began last year, but has strengthened his position in the industry this year. The 18-year-old boy already has hits like "Verified Choppa", "Top Coote" & "Antics" and his future looks absolutely promising

Marksman, Westmoreland on the map (Riphotography)

Ai Milly

Another young artist from the North coast brings the trap dancehall into the front page. The 'Trappest Life' singer has a different flow that is sprinkled with parodically downbeat lyrics. Ai Milly expands his music catalog every week and is also one of the refreshing artists for this year. Good time for a debut EP, don't it?

Your breakthrough artist of 2022?

  • Valiant

  • Kraff

  • Biggs Don

  • Topmann


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