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NSG Label: The emerging group of hard-working people

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Meet 'Never Stop Grinding' Music Group: The emerging label of hard-working people

The emerging label of ‘NSG Music’ teamed up with Spot On Records and some promising names in the dancehall industry such as Bayka and Jafass on their latest riddim release called ‘Truth’.

Mappy while working with DJ Mac and Teejay

The beat was actually recorded after f a busy day at the studio and was planned to release as a single. “basically me, and Bayka were in the studio the whole day. We recorded the song from 5 am to 7 am in the morning. everybody kept telling me that the riddim bad and different artiste start reach out, so we ended making it into a juggle”, tells Matthew Wilson is better known as Mappy, the main composer, producer, and engineer for NSG.

The riddim of Bayka ('Truth') and Jafrass ('Hustle') but many more to be featured on this project are looking to be released later this month.

Bayka who is one of the home base artists of the Kingston-based label (aside from Jafrass, Maestro Don, and a couple of other young talents) now stamping out his place in the industry right now. “What really stands out is his sound, and I think he understands how to use a beat. So once the beat is bad, the song will be a good song”, explained Mappy.

In the company of NSG which is basically like a family movement there are also, Gunsmoke & Wildon who play an important role on the label with a special focus on the current composition of the dancehall new era. “we stand for Never Stop Grinding which we base our whole approach towards music and life. And we consider everyone around us that help in any way part of the team”, he said.

On their previous release NSG is also responsible for one of Bayka's biggest hits, 'She Like It', 'Pirate' by Silk Boss, and 'Organized Crime' featuring Bayka & Jafrass. in their catalog of work you can look out for some new releases from Chronic Law, Teejay, and Valiant.

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Jan 20, 2023


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