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Valiant, Bayka, Ashley, and six others: The Weekly Roundup

Valiant, Skeng, and Bayka shine with their lyrical talents, Shaneil Muir and Topmann enchant with their melodies, and Ashley and Jahmiel enthrall with sultry singles. Who else graces our list?

L-R: Skeng, Valiant, Stalk Ashley, Shaneil Muir (Photo: Jamar Cleary, Rickayla Mcneil)

Yet another captivating weekend unfolded in the vibrant Jamaican music scene, with a slew of rising talents showcasing their melodic prowess, singing abilities, and more. So, who are the noteworthy additions to our list?

Valiant – ‘Regular Day’ Valiant keeps the momentum going with the release of new music videos from his debut mixtape "4:14." In this latest release, he assembles his crew for a video that offers a glimpse into his daily life. While he skillfully employs wordplay to boast about his pursuit of wealth, the visual showcases his accomplishments as it features a backdrop of vibrant life, a bevy of attractive ladies, Hennessy, and various luxuries. Yet again, this single ascends to the summit of Jamaica's trending charts.

Skeng – ‘Dolla Bill’ What is our true desire in life? Wealth, and an abundance of it. The rising dancehall sensation Skeng, flaunts luxury brands and a lavish lifestyle, living the dream of many aspiring youths from humble beginnings. With his distinctive flow and captivating lyrical talent, Skeng effortlessly synchronizes with an enchanting beat, unleashing what could be another dancefloor hit.

Shaneil Muir – ‘Confident’ With her sharp lyrical prowess, commanding vocals, and distinctive flow, Shaneil Muir makes a triumphant return, exuding confidence in her latest single that encapsulates her latest achievements. Effortlessly delivering her lyrics over the beat, The "Top Gyal" singjay reaffirms her status as an exceptional and sometimes overlooked talent within the dancehall genre.

Bayka – ‘Mob Style’ Mowing the entrancing beat produced by Sean Gad & Out Deh Records, the talented dancehall artiste Bayka dropped a provocative new single, highlighting his unique and commanding flow, while crafting lyrics that set the ladies in motion, all infused with a street-style flair with the titled of 'Mob Style'.

Jahmiel – ‘Memories’ A familiar formula for a fresh single. Jahmiel, with his sultry melodies tailored for the ladies, continues a well-known narrative. The dancehall artiste has unveiled a seductive new track designed for the bedroom, syncing his lyrics with a slow, alluring beat.

Stalk Ashley – ‘Tightest Kitty’ Introducing the 'Now Live' project, the emerging dancehall sensation Stalk Ashley once more showcases her talents in a sizzling new single that delves into her desires and expectations from the men in her life. As the freshest addition to Big Bunx Riddim, Ashley once again employs her entrancing voice, seamlessly merging elements of dancehall, R&B, and pop in a way that's impossible to ignore.

Squash – 'Freeze Cold' Squash unleashes scathing lyrics, targeting those who found joy in his recent immigration police arrest. He spits out his verses with the precision of a seasoned rapper, cleverly rhyming to the rhythm and enhancing the experience with vivid visuals. This uplifting track not only reconnects him with his fans but also catapults him back into the trending spotlight.

Topmann – 'Running' After enduring a profound personal tragedy with the loss of his father, dancehall artiste Topmann unveiled a music video for his latest single that exudes a distinct ambiance. This release showcases his melodic prowess, genuine lyrics, and serves as a catalyst for furthering his burgeoning career as he keeps running.

Malie – 'Solitary' With unwavering self-belief, Malie Donn confidently harnesses the power of his lyrical skills. He debuts a fresh single where he proudly showcases his distinctive, fluid style, aiming to rekindle the passion of his fans. This emerging talent demands attention and cannot be overlooked.


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