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Now Or Never is kicking off the 'Now Live' venture with a performance by Stalk Ashley

Rising Dancehall Stars Unleash Their Freestyle Magic in a New Venture – Now Or Never Label Paves the Path: "We Have Some Big Names in the Game"

Stalk Ashley, Kicking off the new venture (Photo: Now Or Never)

Recognizing potential and harnessing momentum is an integral part of the game. The emerging brand known as 'Now OR Never' is introducing a fresh platform called "Now Live," providing a stage for top talents in the dancehall scene to deliver freestyle performances over original beats.

Launching this exciting venture is none other than the female dancehall sensation, Stalk Ashley, who will be presenting her rendition of the popular Big Bunx Riddim on Friday, October 20th.

The new freestyle platform

This project will involve live recordings of a different artist each month in the label's parking lot, complemented by a video shoot for a potential freestyle that will later be compiled into an official song."We've set up in the parking lot and extended special invitations to artists to come through. We will release the freestyle videos on YouTube and various platforms", The renowned video director & Producer, Ruppi, from Now Or Never, explained to Kaboom Magazine.

Ruppi expressed his excitement about the project's launch, adding, "We have some big names in the game who are thrilled to be part of this venture, and we have many more prominent figures coming forward."

Stalk Ashley, female dancehall sensation (Photo: Now Or Never)

Now Or Never has been making its mark in the dancehall scene, contributing significantly to one of the standout projects of 2023, the Big Bunx compilation in collaboration with Zimi Records.

This flagship project boasts hit songs like 'Mad Out' by Valiant, 'Paddle Boat' by Najeeriii, 'Wild Out' by Rajahwild, 'Rum Behavior' by Kraff, and many more that have already achieved widespread acclaim.


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