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Dancehall Artiste Topmann's Father Died In Motor Vehicle Accident

Recording artiste Iyah Syte, who is also the father of the dancehall artiste Topmann, died in a motor vehicle accident in Anchovy while on his way to receive his US work permit

Recording artiste. Iyah Syte

Dancehall artiste Topmann's father reportedly died in a motor vehicle accident in Anchovy, Saint James, Jamaica earlier today.

50-Years-Old, Iyah Syte (born Dillion Hines) tragically died in an accident that occurred in Anchovy while he was On his way to Kingston to collect his recently acquired work permit for the US in preparation for an upcoming tour. According to reports, he sustained fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Iyah Syte is the father of the rising dancehall artiste Topmann, whose real name is Damario Hines. Topmann also hails from Montego Bay.

Tragic loss for dancehall artiste, Topmann (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)


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