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  • Akeeile Harris

Topmann Overcomes Personal Tragedy with 'Running' as Single Hits Jamaica YouTube Chart

The emerging dancehall artiste finds his solace in music, stating, "Pain takes me over but it doesn’t reveal; just find me Riddim." Collaborating with his team, they are revitalizing the 'Floats' event in Montego Bay

Topmann, keep running (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Emerging dancehall sensation, Topmann, is on a journey to overcome a personal tragedy following the loss of his father in a tragic motor vehicle accident. He recently released a compelling music video for his single, 'Running,' which swiftly secured a spot on the Jamaica YouTube Trending Chart, currently holding the #19 position.

This single, written by Topmann himself, showcases his exceptional lyrical prowess in crafting powerful and meaningful melodies. Released four months ago, it is a collaborative effort involving the label Collect Di Bred, the up-and-coming producer Jav Don Muzik, and the artiste's manager and producer, Ricardo Only Hits.

"Pain takes me over but it doesn’t reveal. Right now me foot deh run high pan mileage. Me let go every pain from me, just find me Riddim" He shared excitedly.

In the meantime, in collaboration with his manager and their team, Topmann is resurrecting 'Floats,' the premium Sexy Beach stage event, which will officially return to the picturesque shores of Montego Bay.

Scheduled for November 26 in St. James Parish, the event will feature a live performance by Topmann and interspersed sets by renowned selectors such as DJ Mac and Baba, along with the presence of Code Red Sound and other entertainers to keep the crowd engaged and entertained.


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