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Style & Versatility is all you need to know about Topmann

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The great success with "Gyal Code", His growing fan base, and his dream to make his family happy. fast-rising dancehall artiste, Topmann in an interview with Kaboom

Topmann and DJ Mac, Building hits together (Riphotography)

If you are a lover of dancehall then you know you cannot exclude this St.James Native. Jamario Hines, more popularly as Topmann, has made his mark in the dancehall world since making his debut in 2018. Known for his hit single “Gyal Code”, the recording artist plans to take the dancehall by force while continuing to excel at the top.

While speaking with Kaboom Magazine, Topmann expounded on what led him to music. “I was always in music, inspired by my father who was a recording artist as well”, he responded. He further explained that originally his love was for football but having an understanding parent he was able to share his love for both.

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Video credit: Riphotograpy

Despite his love for both skills, with maturity, he was able to focus on his passion for music. “It became a need for me to do music more than a want”, he continued as he explained his reasoning for doing music.

Surprised by the success of his hit single 'Gyal Code', Topmann recounted the experience as aiming for something he already knew he would achieve. Describing his style as "regular" the UWI past student expounded on his versatility as an artist. Listing his skills and talents as he highlighted the versatility of his lyrics and the ability to switch his flow.

Basking in the love of his fans, he highlighted the importance of having a strong fan base. “You should know the message you want to deliver and the people you want to reach, you want to be accepted by them”, he said as he responded.

Deeming the happiness of his friends and family as his greatest experience throughout his career, Topmann describes 2023 as the year his fans will see the "true him".


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