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The Weekly Collection: Jahmiel, Stephen Marley, Nation Boss & More

Stephen Marley delivered a masterpiece single, while Jahmiel, Nation Boss & Pablo YG shared their powerful message. Plus Shenseea, Vanessa Bling, and a Wrap-up of the Week's Other Notable New Tracks

L-R: Jahmiel, Stephen Marley, Pablo YG & Shenseea

Welcome to another Songs of the Week. There was a slew of notable new singles to choose from the past week, so here there are quite a few choices.

Jahmiel – ‘Circle Small’ Jahmiel delivers a clear message to all the doubters - 'I am here to stay'. Although the road is full of obstacles, his circle may get smaller, but he remains true to his own path. As usual, The 'Greatman' stays humble and brings his powerful motivation to the listeners.

Stephen Marley Ft. Buju Banton – ‘Thanks We Get’ The single included in Stephen Marley's masterful album is such a brilliant piece of work. Marley teams up with his longtime friend Bujo Banton for a re-version of Junior Byles' song. The beat is fuelled by groovy strums and powerful backing vocals, listeners will surely be pleased with the combination of guitar and melodies as Buju's powerful verse just matches well. Better than the original track did we say?

Nation Boss – ‘Phase Me’ These types of songs were the reason why the rising talent Nation Boss first caught everybody's attention. The powerful melodies are accompanied by a strong message that makes listeners connect with them. This one is another potential hit single that will grab a lot of attention.

Alkaline – ‘Mek Tingz Happen’ Alkaline is changing his flow and voice on a new single but remains solid with the delivery as he makes things happen. While showcasing his versatility, with a catchy hook and inspiring lyrics.

Shenseea – ‘Waistline’ The dancehall superstar, Shenseea drops her highly anticipated single with a clearly sexy-selling message. wrapped by sensual visuals, she whines to the groove while serenading her male interest.The beat that combines Afrobeat with dancehall and R&B fusion can definitely target the immense American market.

Vanessa Bling – 'Powerful Woman' Vanessa Bling is back with a new powerful single and a message for women who are being stalked by their exes. The established dancehall songstress motivated the women with empowerment lyrics as the music video just gives a tangible feeling.

Pablo YG – ‘Feelings’ The North Coast talent released a music video for a powerful song from his debut project 'Bad Juvi Mixtape'. With his prayers to leave the poverty behind him, Pablo YG banishes the bad feelings and embraces positive energy. the visuals also add the same positive feeling to the message he tries to deliver.

Geo Lyrical Ft. Chronic Law – 'Last Cry' Remix Geo Lyrical, the latest addition to the roster of Grammy-winning producer Frankie Music, with a remix of his powerful single 'Last Cry' as he trades melodies with dancehall Therapist, Chronic Law.

Demarco Ft. Sgee Vehnom – ‘Service Bull’ With a catchy beat that reminds the magnetizing 'Big Bunx', the new single gathers the rising talent, Sgee Vehnom with the dancehall singjay Demarco for a new piece that is aimed at the dance floors and especially trying to attract the ladies.


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