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Fast-rising talent Sgee Vehnom gives insight into his quick rise in the Dancehall Industry

Interview: New kid on the block Sgee Vehnom dives deeper into the start of his musical career, motivated by artistes such as Bayka, Pablo Yg & Kraff, the future of dancehall and more

Sgee Vehnom, new talent on the block

It is indisputable that the future of Dancehall has opened the doors for multiple young and upcoming artistes. From the likes Najeeri, Rajawild and others, Jamaica’s music industry has proven itself a talent hub for skillful individuals to highlight their craft whilst earning an income. It is no different for skillful lyricist Chrishaun Gordon popularly known by his stage name Sgee Vehnom. A fresh face to the music industry who has still managed to be the talk of the town. Highlighting his start to the music industry, working with Zimi Records and hinting at new singles for 2023.

Describing music as a talent that came natural to him, the young artiste got candid about his start in the music industry. "I always loved music but it was at the age of 14 that I really started taking it serious", Venhom explained. "I went viral by age 16 I thought to myself that I could really do this and make it work", he added.

Gaining major attraction with his popular song 'Wonderland' on the trending Big Bunx riddim, The artiste has captured the eyes of many including known dancehall record label "Zimi Records". Highlighting the experience as a "big change" for his career, Gordon praised the exposure that has also propelled his career. "I am very excited and grateful to have a song on such a popular riddim", the Wonderland artiste humbly expressed. "The label and I have already worked together which made it easier for this to flow. Everything has changed since then, I am definitely getting more recognition now since being a part of this project", the 18-year-old deejay added.

Enjoying his success at such a young age, dancehall newcomer shared his opinion on the difficulty level of young artistes making it into the industry. "Honestly it really isn’t hard", the dancehall lyricist expressed. "We were blessed in this age to have various media platforms where if used correctly can definitely gain an artiste recognition. Once you are talented and determined to put in the work you will get the recognition you deserve", Added the young Gordon who is also promoting his single 'Proud'.

"If you don’t do it with passion it will be difficult and you will be unhappy"

In a pool filled with potential, it is evident the future of dancehall is leaning towards the youth of the music industry. In addition to his vast world of talent, he getting motivated by fellow young artistes as well. "Artistes like Bayka, Pablo YG and Kraff really motivated me", Chrishaun Gordon reflected. "We all came into the industry at the same time so to see us all finally making it and getting shine is really a motivation to my career as a young artiste", the young star expressed with gratitude.

Imparting knowledge on the younger generation of the dancehall industry, Sgee defined the key importance of creating consistency amongst your fan base "Music is like a vehicle when building momentum, if you don’t consistently give your all then you will have to start at square one constantly rebuilding momentum that won’t take off", Gordon keenly explained. "Consistency is key, when you make a wave and you aren’t consistent it will be hard to stay on top", the talented artiste added while sharing his wisdom.

Teasing his steamy pipeline, Sgee Vehnom just released his new single 'Needle Eye' via his manager's label, Sinkuz Entertainment. With a catalog of more singles to come, Venhom describes his craft as a creative flame to good vibes. With determination to perfect his lyricism, the young blood is hungry for success "These days I'm working with a lot of producers to improve my craft. Fans can rest assured collabs are coming", the young vibes master revealed.

Ending his interview on a high note, Sgee charged aspiring artistes to find love in what you are passionate about. "Once there is love you will have the drive, if you don’t do it with passion it will be difficult and you will be unhappy", he uttered.


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