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Dancehall Again: the ultimate event comes to Kingston

The event will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2023, and will be a blend of foundation with the new era of dancehall. all info right here

The ultimate dancehall event

The ultimate Dancehall event comes to Kingston. The event scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 2023, is titled "Dancehall Again" as it will aim to pay homage to Dancehall culture throughout the ages and explore its evolution as a genre.

Keijade Entertainment in partnership with Amere Entertainment, Yow Levite and Soul Designs Ent. brings an event that will be an excellent blend between Dancehall's foundation, and the new era of Dancehall mixing together various Dancehall styles.

Jahshii should pass through the event (Jamar Cleary)

Artistes such as Kash, Jahshii, Kyodi, Voicemail, and Chi Ching Ching, who is a part of the production should pass through and catch the mic at the event.

Music will play by World Team, Juggling Masters, DJ Mac & Baba, Heavy D Chromatic, Brush1 the Road Marshall, Game Changaz & 3D Renaissance.


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