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The real purpose: Chi Ching Ching chooses focus over feelings

The dancehall artiste is creating waves with a new single, promises to focus on the real thing ("it's a way of life") and helping some young talents

Chi Ching Ching, maintain focus over everything (Ady Walker, Kaboom Media)

Dancehall recording artist, Chi Ching Ching (born Radion Tashaman Beckford), promises that in 2023, he will be consistent with his focus on the real things.

The 'Rock the World' Deejay, is a kind of artiste who is Known for his ability to find the right flow and catch the vibe for every beat while give his fans the perfect entertainment package.

"It's now or never. I’m focused on bettering myself and the people around me. Elevating myself. I'm focused on the future which is the target for this year", said the Kingston-native deejay. "Focus ova feelings, focus on the real things, focus on who come around to steal things, focus on a girl weh come around to tie her with a rim”, he explains.

If you've been spending time on street dances in the last 3 months, you've probably been exposed to his new song, 'Focus Over Feelings' which was produced by Frankie Music and creating waves in Jamaica.

"This song is special because of the way I sing and the beat, but of course of the message it delivers. The 3 fits on that song have the same vibration. Someone weh listen to the song can relate easily. Focus over feelings It’s not just slang or a say, it’s a way of life. So for 2023, I'm helping my fans to stay focus", he stated.

The Dancehall artiste who first gained major notice with the hit single 'Lock Pon Di Ting', has continued to reap popularity with songs like 'Breadfruit', 'Rice & Peas', 'Wicked Wicked' and many other catchy hits and also features in collaborations with artists like Popcaan, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, and Stone Bwoy.

Last year the 40-year-old artist continued to expand his catalog with songs such as 'Vaccine' which has garnered 26 million views on YouTube, and 'Do Di Jiggy' which appears on the 'Sport Range Riddim' by the World Team. The single was even recently remixed with dancehall duo Voicemail as a tribute to their iconic dancing song 'Weh Di Time', featuring the late dancer legend Bogle and Delly Ranks, back in 2006's.

"I’m working with a lot of producers from young to established producers. I work accordingly to the beat, so if I get a beat from a producer, isn’t naturally have to be like an established one. As long as it goes with my vibe and my flow, I’m gonna record on it", he shares.

"I have to shout out to Frankie Music, Zimi Records and Franc White, Amere entertainment, and Sean Paul & his ‘Dutty Rock Productions’. Also big up Gold Up, I just voiced a collaboration with Laa Lee", the dancehall artiste express.

Do The Jiggy, Chi Ching Ching (Kyro Smoke)

Created By Pain These days, as mentioned above, Chi Ching Ching doesn't only focus just on himself and chooses to help some young talents by recording and promoting them.

Recently, he was exposed to a young youth named Castral, whose given name is Andrade Mclymont. The artiste who hails from Clarendon parish and is based in St. Ann had a difficult life story when he lost his brother from crime and violence, then his mom took it to her heart, diagnosed with cancer, and died.

"him lives inna real pain. he reminds me some of my story cause if nobody no help me, I never know where I would be", Ching noted.

The young artiste just recently release his latest single, 'God is Time' via Chi Ching label, Amere entertainment. "a one youth introduce me to him and ask me fi help him. Cause it’s not like he knows about the studio or stage shows or that kind of thing. Him just seat in his house, singing pain from his heart. He just send me the acapella and mi like it, so mi just send him the riddim and then we voice it and video it. And he just voiced a song for Anju Blaxx too", he conclude. Now what remains is to maintain focus.

Ching, helping some young talents (Ady Walker, Kaboom Media)


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