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  • Akeeile Harris

The Gentleman Exposed: A Dive into Romain Virgo's Musical Odyssey

With heightened maturity, precision, and intentionality, the reggae luminary delves into his latest album, emphasizing authenticity and Reflecting on his collaboration with Masicka' ("He clearly understands the impact he wants to have on the culture"), Capleton ("Forever grateful for it") and more

Throughout the album, Virgo maintains authenticity while demonstrating maturity (Photo: Samo Kush)

Adopting the moniker 'The Gentleman', reggae singer Roman Virgo recently released his fourth album and what he describes as the most revealing. The 12-track album, launched on March 1, includes captivating tracks and spectacular collaborations, some of which returned him straight to the trending charts.

17 years since he broke out in Jamaica after winning the Digicel 'Rising Star' show, Virgo, who recently celebrated his 34th birthday, is already in a different place in his life, a husband, and a father, but remains the ultimate lover. Fresh from his Jamaica album launch tour, Virgo tells Kaboom in an interview. "Over the past 6-7 years I’ve realized that the best way to truly connect with the music and to connect with people in general is to be as real as one can be. I’ve been able to gradually get to a point where I become more vulnerable and I literally see the change in how the supporters accept the music and I believe that connection can only get stronger with time".

Virgo meticulously navigated the process of curating songs for the album, ultimately assembling a captivating lineup. Ranging from the dynamic Masicka to the iconic Capleton, and culminating in a cross-continental collaboration with Nigerian star Patoranking, the selection was both diverse and compelling. "It’s first of all the topic of the song and the key it’s in, then the artist we believe would be best to help to take that song to another level in terms of how much more meaningful and more powerful it can become," he disclosed.

The collaborative masterpiece 'Been There Before' with Masicka, co-produced by Romiech Major, Ramyon ‘Slyda Di Wizard’ Curate, and Niko 'Lifeline' Browne, swiftly became a viral sensation, pulsating with raw power and emotional resonance. "Been There Before is without a doubt my personal favorite song on this project because it’s literally just sharing my life story, Masicka sharing his and then to see the impact it has on everyone out there who listens to it is just absolutely amazing," he shared with unwavering enthusiasm.

"Masicka is someone that clearly understands where he wants to go and the impact he wants to have on the culture and therefore you can see that in how organized and strategic he approaches writing, producing and releasing music," Virgo praised his fellow artist. "He has a very powerful understanding of how to deliver on a track regardless of the topic of the song, that is one of the things that makes him special aside from the power of his penmanship. As a team we believed it would work even before reaching out to him to be a part of it."

"Been There Before is without a doubt my personal favorite song on this project because it’s literally just sharing my life story"

Every single on the album preserves its authenticity while blending distinct elements of reggae and One Drop. "It's been our ethos from the very beginning of this album's conception. We knew we had to keep up with the growing pace of the sound of music in general hence in some of the tracks there are instrumentation that will give these songs a bit more popular feel to them but at the same time still holding on the the fundamental elements of reggae," he explained.

One of these roots reggae singles signifies his inaugural collaboration with the Jamaican icon, Capleton, on "You Must Pay", delivering a resounding conclusion to the album. "It is more than a dream come true for me. Capleton was the very first artiste to bring me on tour with him. It was always the hope that one day we would get to do a song together. They say nothing happens before the right time and this I believe is the right time and the right topic. I’m forever grateful to have him being a part of this project," Virgo expressed with gratitude.

Romain Virgo, "I’ve realized that the best way to truly connect with music and people is to be as real as one can be" (Photo: Cavaughn Edward)

With a repertoire that encompasses a range of subjects, from reality-based narratives to romantic ballads, Virgo delivers an album that reflects the maturity and identity he has cultivated over the years in the industry. "It’s a blessing to see that the supporters of what I do appreciate all angles of my Art. I used to worry about it in the initial stages and wonder if people would just want to hear love songs only from me. Overtime, I realize that all they want is from me to sing and sing from the heart and it doesn’t matter the topic once it’s sits well with who I truly am as a person, or from their angle the person I’ve proven to be over these years, they are good with it. Therefore, I strive to just allow whatever inspiration comes to lead me," he confesses, eagerly anticipating his upcoming dates in Europe later this year.


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