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Exploring Masicka's Dancehall Collaborations: A Power Ranking

We delve into Masicka's memorable catalog, spanning from iconic collaborations to captivating serenades

Masicka's impactful collaborations reside within Dancehall's Realm (Photo: Nicholas Gregg)

In recent years, Masicka has solidified his status as a dancehall star, emerging as one of the genre's leading figures with albums like '438' and 'Generation Of Kings,' both hailed as masterpieces. Alongside a plethora of remarkable collaborations, Masicka has become a sought-after talent in the dancehall collaboration arena.

Delving into this dynamic space, we've decided to rank the collaborations from Masicka's illustrious career, showcasing the impact of the DJ who continues to make waves.

Masicka Ft. Dexta Daps – ‘Leader’, 2019

"Leader" emerged as one of the standout hits in the dancehall scene upon its release in 2019, captivating audiences across Jamaica with its potent message and the significant collaboration between two industry-leading voices. With over 36 million views on YouTube and close to 11 million streams on Spotify, the track has firmly established itself as a beloved favorite among dancehall enthusiasts.

Masicka Ft. Lila Ike & Chronic Law –‘Triumph’, 2023

Masicka's latest album features a standout collaboration that pairs him for the first time with prolific songwriter Chronic Law and the talented Jamaican vocalist, Lila Ike. Together, they seamlessly blend their talents to create a masterpiece—a motivational single that showcases their collective synergy. The distinct harmonious combination of these three artists shines brightly throughout the track.

Masicka Ft. Jahshii – 'Pieces', 2023

In early 2023, Masicka and Jahshii joined forces to create a standout single that seamlessly blended deep melodies with captivating dancehall vibes. Their collaboration resulted in a magnetic tune, which vividly captured the essence of the streets and transformed it into a mesmerizing masterpiece. Garnering nearly 18 million views on YouTube, the track became an instant hit, captivating audiences with its raw energy and compelling narrative.

Masicka Ft. Bounty Killer – ‘Top Rank’, 2016

One of Masicka's initial collaborations before his breakthrough paired him with the legendary Bounty Killer for a remarkable single. Featured in the 2016's 'Dancehall Bully' Riddim, the synergy between these two icons complements each other seamlessly, akin to fuel to a car engine. This collaboration stands out as one of the most notable in their repertoire, and it's no coincidence that Masicka regards Bounty Killer as one of his musical mentors.

Masicka Ft. Popcaan – ‘Pain’, 2021

Masicka and Popcaan have not only shared stages over the years but also collaborated on three singles in the past, two featured on Masicka's albums and one on Popcaan's. Among them, "Pain in Every Language" stands out, encapsulating their synergy and is featured in Masicka's exceptional album "438." In this track, the two dancehall heavyweights complement each other seamlessly, creating a standout piece in their collaborative repertoire.

Masicka Ft. Stefflon Don – ‘Moments’, 2021

Derived from his 2021 project "438," "Moments" presents a velvety dancehall vibe led by Masicka's sensual lyrics, complemented by Steff's equally provocative verse. With over 26 million views on YouTube, it emerged as a cherished anthem among the ladies on the dancefloors for a period.

Masicka Ft. Shenseea – ‘Hit & Run’, 2024

One of the latest collaboration of Masicka's is a resounding success. At the onset of 2024, he joined forces with fellow dancehall star Shenseea for a magnetizing track. Since its release, the song has been steadily climbing the charts, amassing over 19 million views on YouTube and achieving numerous milestones across various trend charts. The single encapsulates a fleeting romance transitioning into a desire for a more committed relationship.

Masicka Ft. Tarrus Riley – ‘Corner’, 2020

Produced by the talented Jamaican producer Mario Dunwell, this masterpiece unites the distinct voices of Tarrus Riley and Masicka in a potent single that encapsulates the essence of genuine friendship. Garnering nearly 8 million views on YouTube, the song's profound message is the driving force behind its success since its release in 2020.

Masicka Ft. Romain Virgo – ‘Been There Before’, 2024

Masicka's most recent collaboration marks his inaugural partnership with Romain Virgo, offering reassurance to the underprivileged and humiliated, offering solace to the disadvantaged and oppressed. Their message resonates with the belief that greatness is within reach for all. Breaking away from the constraints of past struggles, both artists draw inspiration from their own journeys, inspiring others to embrace resilience and pursue their dreams.

Masicka Ft. Spice – ‘Wow’, 2023

Masicka's latest album, "Generation Of Kings," features his debut collaboration with the queen of dancehall, Spice. Their partnership results in a wordplay-filled track that ingeniously intertwines compliments, creating a sensuous, passion-infused anthem.


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