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Tatik reflects on his first million-viewed single and debut performances in Europe

Fresh from his European tour, the rising talent is working on his debut EP, inspired by Yaksta and reveals an upcoming collaboration with Chronic Law

Tatik, his first million views landmark (Tejano Taylor)

Fresh from his debut European tour, rising artiste, Tatik is in a jubilant mood as his most successful single, ‘Strongest Soldier List’ surpassed the million mark on YouTube recently, steadily approaching the two million landmark.

Tatik, whose given name is Kevin Daley, recently made his first appearance on a European stage; the renowned Summerjam festival in Cologne, Germany, exposing himself to a new audience and ultimately growing his fan base. "It was a joy performing out of my country and getting that love and support from the audience. This experience pushes me to do more music that will do well in other countries", described the young talent who got the opportunity to perform thanks to the support of fellow reggae/dancehall artiste, Yaksta. "I’ve learned a lot and big up Yaksta because he was like a teacher to me as well".

The rising artiste performed his set which included some of his leading singles such as 'Strongest Soldier List', 'Leggo Mi Ears' (Featuring Valiant) and also his latest release, 'Purpose' on the ‘Ginger Riddim’ by German label/Sound system, Silly Walks Discotheque & Austrian label Irie Vibrations.

The artiste recorded his first million views on Youtube with the masterful single/video 'Strongest Soldier List', currently racked up 1.7 million views, and expressed gratitude to his fans and peers. "Very grateful because I remember struggling to get 100 views a week. That million views actually gave me the inspiration to write a song called 'Proud'. The love and the support from the single is an extra boost to my confidence and it only pushes me to go even harder", he deeply expressed.

The Barbican native is now working on his upcoming EP entitled, 'Powerful'; which will promises to uplift its listeners. "I always try to have some powerful message in my songs and be on some topic that is relatable. Expect mostly a conscious/reality type of vybz", he related to Kaboom Magazine. "You have a song called ''Chronic Law' featuring ‘Law Boss’, Chronic Law himself as well as another song with a major feature, just waiting on confirmation", the rising artiste revealed.

Recently he also had some well-received performances at Valiant's '4:14' mixtape launch in Kingston and Munga Honorable's birthday party in Port Maria. "I let time speak for itself. The Music industry is very weird and hard to get in but I’m just putting in the hard work until it’s my time. I’m sure that time will come though", commented the talented singer/songwriter/deejay.

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