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Sky’s the limit for the promising, multi-talented artiste; Tatik

The rising dancehall artiste talks about the success of his latest single, 'Strongest Soldier List', close friendship with Valiant, and how difficult it is to challenge the audience's attention these days

Tatik, multi-talented artiste

One of the most promising young talents out of Jamaica currently is dancehall singjay, Tatik. Born, Kevin Daley, he has forever been interested in music, hailing from a musical background where both his father & brother are also musicians. He finished fourth in the popular competition, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in 2017 which sparked his musical development to where it is right now.

"Since MKQ, I’ve definitely seen more growth in my performances while building heavily on my confidence and stage presence", explained the Kingston-born artiste.

The artiste is widely known for his topical endeavors and conceptual lyrics which are based on everyday life experiences by both him and his peers. "It’s just stuff I see happen with people and even myself every day. I’ll read a quote and get a whole song out of it. Somebody could be talking and with just one word being said I can get a song and sometimes ideas just come from out of nowhere by just listening a beat", said Daley.

His latest single 'Strongest Soldier List' has been in heavy rotation on airwaves locally & overseas since its release and can be seen in multiple posts on popular social media platforms; Instagram & TikTok. Both fans as well as fellow industry players have all been seen endorsing the song, however, Tatik still eyes 'Apology' as his best song to date. "I think 'Apology' is still a better song but at some point in all of our lives, giving up is in our intentions and most of what I’ve said is relatable, so you’ll find that 'Strongest Soldier List'’ will be most people's favorite right now".

To go along with his artistic career, Tatik is also a fully functional musical engineer, producer, and beat maker but currently has no interest to delve further into production. "I use these skills as an asset but I’m not limiting myself. For now I’m not focusing on being a producer because I’m already doing too much in music and that’s a part of what hinders me at times'".

Tatik has a great musical relationship with current front-runner, Valiant and identifies his raw undeniable musical talent as the reason for his recent success. "He (Valiant) was already on buzzing before the slang so I believe he would be out there regardless", he compliments his friend.

Tatik, Upcoming project with Valiant

There is an upcoming project with both artistes; including 'Leggo Mi Ears'” produced by Skyviews Entertainment & Minto Play Da Riddim, in which he (Tatik) composed the beat. An official music video was already done and should be out on all musical and visual platforms soon.

Tatik commented on how difficult it is nowadays for a young artiste to find a hit and become trending; "A lot of good artistes with good songs are out there but finding something that’s unique and different is a challenge and to be consistent with it as well. You can have good writers that can’t deliver it the right way for it to grab the audience’s attention".

Tatik is definitely one to watch for 2023 and beyond.


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