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Artiste on spotlight: Chronic Law

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

A worthy songwriter, a hitmaker machine, one of the most consistent artistes, and a great storyteller. All these made his name as one of the hottest acts in the dancehall industry

Law Boss, one of the most consistent artistes in the entire industry (Rickayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

His explosion was in the air. Chronic Law burst onto the scene back in 2018 with his first hit single, 'Government', then after he added 'Hilltop Badness' and 'Hillside' which also became huge hits on the streets of Jamaica.

He was probably born with a wonderful songwriting ability but from that point, it remains just only to make his name and take a few steps forward.

and then? an outbreak of the coronavirus. The global pandemic slowed down his breakthrough, but He sat and wrote multiple songs, and used various platforms to growing up his fan base and it did happen.

The hitmaker machine from St. Thomas has become one of the hottest names in the dancehall new era, and perhaps the most consistent artiste in the entire industry. The numbers speak for themselves and he showcases his talent with hits like 'Legend', 'Empty', 'Still a Bleed', 'Nuh Frighten Fi Nuttn', just names of a few.

Recently, he also joined forces with his parish member and close friend, Popcaan, for their first-ever collaboration, 'St. Thomas Native', and also teamed up with the fast-rising star, Valiant on their collaboration, 'Darkness'.

The deejay began to tour the Caribbean, performed in Canada and grabbed the nickname, Dancehall Therapist. If it's up to him he preferred to choose the nickname 'Fada Dark'. A real Star in the making.

Chronic Law, a great storyteller (RIckayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

Fada Dark or the Dancehall Therapist? (Kyro Smoke)


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