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The Best Songs of 2022: Melodies of pain and bouncing girls

Ding Dong catch the 'Bounce ' (Rd Studios)

After more than two years of a global pandemic, 2022 gathered a lot of good music in it that dealt with all life issues. From mental health to the hottest songs for the ladies. We have collected the best of them.

Jada Kingdon – 'GPP', Produced by Di Genius Jada Kingdom has been gaining momentum in recent years, but this song is different. The genius of 'Di Genius' has hit once again by bringing to the world a masterful production with an unconventional beat. Jada knew how to tell a story perfectly and this tune has already surpassed 5 million views on YouTube and has become an anthem among the girls at dances.

Ding Dong – 'Bounce', Produced by Dunwell The dancer becomes an artist who simply knows the job. with quite happy songs, dancing beats and hits for more than a decade. Ding Dong knows how to take this refreshing beat, adding his trending lyrics and demanding his listeners to catch a bounce. another international dancehall song that was added to his catalog. 'Bounce' is one of the hits of 2022 and a song that cross-over.

Masicka – 'Umbrella', Produced by 1Syde Records Masicka is a gifted songwriter and this is not the first time we get used to it, after his masterpiece album, '438', where he wrote most of the songs.

This beat demands his followers to look back at his past hit, 'Stay Strong', and mark it as his new lyrical anthem. The deep lyrics are is kind of art as usual and also the perfect harmony additions by Ikaya, making this as one a top song.

Shane O – 'Dark Room', Produced by HR Records With the world coming back outside again, “Dark Room” shows that staying in the crib can be just as worthwhile. Shane O is back with a huge hit after several years that was boosted by the famous, DJ Khaled.

Shane O is an excellent songwriter and with a deep topic that people are not always written about, he is back in the headlines.

Topmann – 'Gyal Code', Produced by Dark Moon Records, 3KingsMusic One of the artists who broke through in a storm this year is Topmann with this hit which is included in almost every DJ or sound playlist. The ex-footballer who became a singer knows how to tell stories in an entertaining way most of the time. This is also the story behind the 'Gyal Code', which was the second to drop out on this riddim but became an anthem for girls.

Valiant – 'North Carolina', Produced by Quandan Muzik, Crown Heights Entertainment Valiant took the streets by storm and became the most talked about artist of 2022, but while he is expected to be one of the most prominent faces of the dancehall in the future, his breakthrough hit, 'North Carolina' paved the way for him. His style is unique, his melody and flow on another level.

Popcaan Ft. Imeru Tafari – ‘Elevate’, Produced by Attomatic Records & Dansky Records Popcaan continues to make his impact on the dancehall arena in almost every song, but despite a big collaboration with Burna Boy in 'Toni-Ann Singh' tribute to his girlfriend, it was the work alongside the rising artist, Imeru Tafari, that brought him into this category. 'Elevate', which was released at the beginning of the year, is an instant hit with powerful lyrics that give a comprehensive view of life and even encourage the youths to make a progress in their lives.

Skeng Ft. Nicki Minaj – ‘Likkle Miss’ (Remix), Produced by Droptop Records & Di Truth Reocrds Skeng continues to evolve with what as began last year. the Spaniard artiste has been endeared by a star like Nicki Minaj.

He voiced the original version alone, but the Trinidadian-American rapper recognized the potential, jumping on the beat for a catchy remix that must be included in this category.

Although it generated numerous complaints about this collaboration, the tune became a hit song in the dancehall world.

Squash – ‘Foot’, Produced by World Team Production / 6ix Real Records Squash is such a party artist. Dancing and swag are back in hardcore dancehall.

The '6ixBoss' stay fresh and always trending with a banger tune that burned up the dance floors in Jamaica this year.

Chronic Law - ‘Empty’, Produced by Dj Mac & Jano Don Records The hit-making machine in the name of Chronic Law could have added quite a few nominees to the list, but this gifted songwriter became a therapist with this one. Full of lyrics that are suitable for this melodic beat that creates a masterful song. 'Empty' has almost surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. such an example of a great storyteller.


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