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Shenseea, Masicka, Aidonia, and More: Weekly Music Explosion

Shenseea and Masicka delivered an instant hit, while Aidonia, Skeng, RajahWild, and Jahshii made waves. Romain Virgo and Pablo YG added emotion through their soulful singing. It was indeed a busy week in the music scene

L-R: RajahWild, Shenseea & Masicka, Aidonia, Romain Virgo

This week witnessed a flood of new music, with streaming records shattered, collaborations taking center stage, and the selectors enjoying playing them on the radio and the dance floors. Here's a glimpse of those who captured our attention.

Shenseea, Masicka – ‘Hit And Run’ She is not seeking a committed relationship, while he falls in love and desires more. The outcome is a chart-topping single. Shensea and Masicka's collaboration becomes a blockbuster as two of the most prominent dancehall stars inundate the scene with their new hit, firmly securing the top spot in trends and accumulating millions of streams.

Aidonia – ‘Bottles’ Aidonia is closely aligned with the type of beats that complement his style. The deejay effortlessly weaves and delivers, establishing a high standard of lyricism for his new single, meticulously crafting each word. Accompanied by a captivating video, Aidonia is already poised to dominate the dance floors with the potential of a hit.

RajahWild – ‘Dolly House’ RajahWild prioritizes his capability to please girls, indifferent to the location of the sexual encounter. He adeptly captures Jiggy D's beat, displaying versatility through alluring lyrics.

Skeng – ‘Taboo’ Skeng seamlessly aligns with the beats reminiscent of the late 2000s, establishing a lofty standard for lyricism. He confidently challenges the ladies, emphasizing that every time he graces a club stage, the atmosphere electrifies, mirroring the impact of his every interaction with the ladies.

Jahshii - Bunx'

Jahshii adds his flair to the lively and captivating 'Chakka' by DJ Mac and Crash Dummy. The emerging deejay employs his smooth flow to captivate the ladies with sensual messages, setting the stage for a dance floor hit.

Bayka – ‘Gracias’ Bayka confidently showcases his innate talent through a single exuding sensuality, delivering a clear message to the ladies who won't be disappointed upon meeting him. The seamless blend with the beat and a brilliant choice of video solidify its status as a potential hit single.

Romain Virgo Ft. Masicka – ‘Been There Before’ A remarkable musical collaboration unfolds as Masicka joins forces with Romain Virgo for an inspiring and motivational single, narrating the journey of those who have overcome challenges. The brilliant exchange of versions showcases each artist's unique tone, earning a high score without a doubt.

Pablo YG – ‘Walk Alone’ The 19-year-old prodigy is carving his path as an emerging dancehall sensation. Demonstrating consistency in delivering high-quality music, he covers a diverse range of topics. In his latest emotional single, he showcases spectacular vocal performances and impressive lyrical ability, further establishing his promising career.

Valiant – ‘Love Problem’ Valiant leaves no stone unturned to showcase his lyrical prowess. The well-suited beat sets the stage for a single crafted for romantic, sensual, and intimate moments.

Chris Martin – ‘Gyallis’ In the love story between Chris Martin and the ladies, it's no surprise that he captivates quite a few with his single titled "Gyallis." He presents his captivating flow for a track destined to heat up the dance floors.

Protoje – ’30 Million’ Protoje engages in profound contemplation about the condition of Jamaica, delving into its past, present, and future while examining the quality of life in his homeland. The modern roots reggae track provides a glimpse into the everyday reality in Jamaica, emphasizing that certain aspects of life cannot be purchased with money.


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