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Protoje Takes a Deep Dive into Jamaica's Reality with Latest Release '30 Million'

Ahead of Sophomore 'Lost In Time Festival,' Reggae star dropped new single reflecting the current reality in his homeland

Proto, reflecting the current reality in Jamaica. (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

Reggae singer-songwriter Protoje has just released his latest single, "30 Million," produced by I-Tosh. This Reggae fusion track delves into the heart of Jamaica's current state, addressing themes of violence, youth, poverty, and crisis. As a Grammy-nominated artist affiliated with In.Digg.Nation, Protoje is known for infusing hip hop, soul, and jazz elements into the traditional sounds of reggae and dancehall.

In "30 Million," Protoje offers a profound commentary on Jamaica's situation, reflecting on the past, present, and future, and contemplating the quality of life in his homeland. The modern roots reggae track, produced by Iotosh (known for their collaboration on "Ten Cane Row" with Jorja Smith), carries a powerful message.

The single is released through In.Digg.Nation Collective x Ineffable Records. Protoje, ranked as the 7th most streamed Reggae artist globally on Spotify in 2023, concluded the year with an extensive tour across Europe. His momentum continues into the new year with a scheduled performance at Cali Vibes in February, followed by a return to Europe.

On February 24th, Protoje will headline the "Lost In Time Festival" at Hope Gardens, presenting a stellar lineup including Khalia, Sevana, Jah9, and Lila Ike. Renowned for his participation in various global music festivals, "Lost In Time" serves as Protoje's contribution to delivering world-class Reggae Music within his homeland.


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