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DJ Mac Sparks The Dancehall Scene with 'Chakka Riddim; Valiant Has Joined The Project

The emerging dancehall sensation is the second artist to ride the viral wave with his single, 'Buddum.' Who else will catch the riddim?

Valiant, just joined the 'Chakka' Wave (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

The burgeoning producer, DJ Mac, has had an exceptionally successful year on a personal level, making a significant impact on the dancehall scene.

In the wake of the success of his latest project, 'Chakka,' featuring the theme single from the emerging talent Jquan, which reached #5 on YouTube's trending charts and garnered over 3.5 million views on TikTok, Mac is now challenging other dancehall artists to join the project.

The infectious and lively beat, co-produced with fellow dancehall producer Crash Dammy, has gained widespread popularity. On his Instagram account, Mac stated the question: "Who do you hear on it?" while sharing the instrumental for the beat.

The next artist set to reap the rewards of the project is the emerging dancehall star Valiant, whose single 'Buddum' was released on Friday, December 15th, accompanied by a video produced by the top video director Shane Creative.

Speculation is already buzzing about the other artists set to join this musical collaboration, with names like Roze Don, Jafrass, and others being tossed into the mix.


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