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  • Akeeile Harris

Shenseea, Chronic Law, and 7 More: This Week's Top Singles

The dancehall star delivers a stellar lyrical performance, Law Boss effortlessly grooves to irresistible beat, and artists like Pablo YG, Tommy Lee Sparta, and 450 effectively convey their message through their music

L-R: Chronic Law, Tommy Lee Sparta, Shenseea, Pablo YG (Photo: Kyro Smoke, Jamar Cleary)

Compelling & menacing lyrics, lyrical brilliance, and infectious dancehall hits for the ladies, here are this week's musical highlights.

Chronic Law – 'Still Dark' Malie Donn's chart-topping single 'V6' sets the stage with an infectious beat, as now the producer Ireland teams up with Chronic Law, who delivers his signature dark style complemented by gritty lyrics, resulting in a track that's unapologetically geared towards the dancefloor and designed to resonate with the ladies.

Tommy Lee Sparta – 'Tek Weh Dem Strap' 'The AK speaks Italian language, so not everyone understanding", a flawless rhyme that celebrates Spartan Boss's latest single. Tommy Lee skillfully employs his trademark flow and lively beat, merging badness melodies to craft a dancefloor sensation. Proficient in this style, he once again demonstrates his mastery.

Demarco, Malie Donn – 'Draco' Demarco, an artist with extensive experience, employs his refined melodic skills and engages in a dynamic exchange of militant verses with the talented Malie Donn. Together, they convey a resolute message that they fear no one. Their latest single carries a potent militant undertone, accentuated by a music video that unequivocally underscores their determination.

Shenseea Ft. Lola Brooke – 'Beama' Freestyle queen Shenseea collaborates with American rapper Lola Brooke in an electrifying single where both artists exchange potent verses. Shenseea showcases her lyrical prowess with unwavering confidence, exemplifying unmatched versatility and seamlessly fitting into the formidable American music market. This is a display of pure and spectacular talent.

450 – 'Wild N Rich' 450 doesn't hold back when it comes to sending seductive messages to the ladies. The emerging talent showcases his melodic prowess in a track that leaves no doubt – he's serious about providing a sensual experience, not playing games.

Pablo YG – 'Menace II Socitey' Pablo YG consistently exudes charisma in his recent releases, while in this latest one, he opts for a bold and militant approach. With a message that serves as a warning to those who challenge his crew and allies, he harnesses his fluency to further enrich his musical arsenal.

Intence – 'Eregyeler' Once more, Intence captures a unique moment in the music calendar, reinforcing his status as one of the most lyrical talents in the game. In his latest single set in a desert ambiance, he expertly crafts lyrics that seamlessly meld with the beat, highlighting his remarkable skill. Consistency remains his hallmark in the music industry, a testament to his enduring talent and unwavering prowess.

Roze Don – 'Bududum' Roze Don burst onto the scene with his charismatic style and captivating flow, earning a reputation as a ladies' man. The Spanish Town artist introduces his latest single, skillfully selecting a beat that perfectly complements his talent. The sensually charged visuals harmonize seamlessly with the lyrics, enhancing the overall experience.

Sgee Vehnom – '10 Outa 10' Emerging artiste Sgee Vehnom continues to captivate the ladies, by showcasing his knack for crafting dance-inducing tracks. His latest release features a lyrical structure that seamlessly complements the energetic rhythm, accompanied by a visually alluring music video. This release has the potential to become an optional hit.


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